Thursday, 21 February 2013

Victor Greenaway demonstation day

                                   Victor Greenaway is one of our extraordinary Australian potters.
                                                He lives much of the year in Tuscany, Italy
                                                 where he makes his ceramics and paints.
                                     He and his partner conduct art tours and retreats in their region.

                                     Last Sunday Victor generously shared his expertise
                                    in working in porcelain at the first CSG gathering
                                    for 2013 ay Dense Park in Epping, Sydney.

                                        and it certainly gave me a thirst to work in this media.

                              His style is unique and although it was wonderful to watch,
                              many techniques in the demonstration I wouldn't repeat in
                               my own work, as it is directly associated with his personal
                              mark making.
                               However watching him work the clay was delicious
                               and his tips on using porcelain and its possibilities had me
                               wishing I could pick up a lump of his clay and have a go.

                             Thanks to the CSG and Victor for a lovely day it was very inspiring.

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  1. Wow! His work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I completely forgot about this last sunday. I am so sorry I missed it