Friday, 1 February 2013

Let the work begin!

                          I have spent the last three months abstaining from studio work.
                                         Well I have a bodgy elbow at the moment
                                and it makes working with my hands quite difficult.
                                    So it has been all about x-rays and ultra sounds,
                                       exercise and being a little careful with it for a time.


                                   After our family exhibition in Sydney last October
                                        there was a lot of family life to catch up with.

                                      My lovely in-laws are in the process of moving
                                      and I have been accepting bags of STUFF from them
                                         that they kindly thought might be helpful in my work.
                                  So I would bring them home and throw them into the studio
                                                                      (out of the way)
                                                   Yes, thrown in on top of all the STUFF
                                                      that came home from the exhibition
                                               and that  STUFF was piled up on top
                                              of all the raw material STUFF (grasses and clay)
                                            that I collected in outback NSW last year...
                                                 which was in and around boxes of STUFF
                                           that came from my mums house when she died.
                                                                            OH MY !
                                     What A LOT of very interesting and useful STUFFFFFF!
                                           How could I find anything or have space to work?...
                                                              Where could it go?

                                          Broom and garbage bin at my side I set to work!

                                           My mum was an artist and the hundreds of drawings
                                      that she left behind when she died at 87 have been a
                                         huge responsibility in deciding when and how to move on.
                                                      The family had taken what they wanted
                                           and still there were boxes and boxes of drawings!
                                                                  OUT THEY WENT!

                                                          Well when I "drop off my perch"
                                              I hope my family will feel free to just keep what they want
                                                           and not hesitate to chuck the STUFF.
                                                           In the mean time I have decided
                                                        to try to keep throwing out STUFF.
                                          So that there is as little as possible to worry about.

                                            Out!.... went costumes and forgotten half done projects.

                                            Out!... went these spare cup cakes
                                                        from the 'Tea Party' 2011 costume.

                                            Out!...went  'Opera Diva'  #1 and #2
                                                      ( I have kept #3)
                                                             It has been a huge relief.


                                                         In the textile side of my studio
                                          all my "BITS" draws have been put in order

                                                          Grasses have been strung up
                                                        for basketry and paper making
                                                          and it is now possible to walk in!

                                                      In the ceramic room of the studio
                                            My pottery tools have been washed and set in order.
                                            Towels and aprons are washed and ready to use.
                                                     I am still re organising the space a little and
                                                           I am hoping that it will sorted
                                              and ready to start teaching by March or April.
                                              We have some landscaping about to start
                                       which will create an outdoor teaching space
                                       and sculpture garden for open studio exhibition spaces.

                                                                  2013 is looking BIG!
                                              I hope to start my WOW costume next week
                                                and will only have 2 months to complete it.

                                           I am going to the Victor Greenaway demonstration
                                          in porcelain throwing at the CSG in a couple of weeks.

                                         Will do a jewellery workshop with my daughter
                                                          at Context Forum in April
                                                      Our first workshop together! YAY!
                                       I will also have work on display in their exhibition.

                                     Then off to Gulgong for Clay Push with my sister in May
                                              and another little pottery jaunt to Melbourne in June.

                                                     ........and that is just the first part of the year!

                                                         My first born will be married in August

                                                There may even be a trip to WOW in September
                                               IF...I manage to be wow enough with my costume
                                                       and make it through the selection process.

                                         So that is me for now LET THE WORK BEGIN!

                                  the Mud Colony blog share is up and running again
                                             from this week so don't forget
                                      to check what all those busy clay workers are up to.

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  1. a busy year ahead for you! Do hope your elbow is soon completely fine :^)