Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Farewell to 2012...Hello 2013!

                            2012 has been  a jam packed year!

                                                                      December '11

                                        The announcement of a new grandchild on the way.

                                                                        January '12
                                                                  had lots of visitors


and Mara's band camp


February '12

Visits with friends and family 


visits to Bala 

March '12

Bump out of some of my drawings at an exhibition at 'The Edge' cinema  

and a sad farewell to an inspirational basketry artist and friend dear
Virginia Kaiser who died later in the year after a long struggle with cancer.

                                          and more visits to Bala at our favourite coffee shop

                                                             Mara's braces came off :)

                                                         I entered my first pottery comp
                                             at my old High School with this snake pot.


                                                  Grand daughter, Luca's 1st Birthday


                                                                      April '12

                                                                Contextart forum


                                                Where I enjoyed a felting workshop
                                                  with Catherine O'Leary in 2012
                                               I will do a jewellery workshop in '13



                                                   which I continued at home with a big blanket
                                                          and had some work in an exhibition
                                          connected  with the forum at Braemar Gallery, Springwood

                                                             making plant fibre paper

                                                                               May '12

                                                                   A funeral in Newcastle
                                              for very dear old family friend, Peter Williams.


                                                     Trip out west to visit my sister Karin

                                                   collected clay from the river banks
                                                         and plant materials while there

                                            which I then used for basketry when I got home.


                                                           and did some low temp wood firing
                                          with some Broken Hill Potters on a station out of BH
                                      gave our family friend, Suzanne, one of my pots
                                             when we went to visit her in Broken Hill

                                  Mara sat for the music and art scholarships at her school
                                          She made these pieces for part of the art content
                                                        felted scarf and stoneware rhino
                           and she was granted the music scholarship for years 10,11,12.
                                       Well done my hard working friend :) So proud.

                                                    Happy visiting with Bala

                                                                  June '12

                                        New Grand daughter, Lillie Faye, was born xxxxxx

                                                                   visits with Luca

                                                                        getting bigger

Music concert performances 
for Mara and Michael



                                         Packing my costume to send to NZ for WOW...
                                     not an easy task for a ceramic and mixed media work

                                                                             July '12

                                                        Raku workshop with Stephan Jakob

                                                          built my little raku rocket kiln :)

                                                                         August '12

                                                                growing babies xxxx


                                                         Mara's first wheel experience

                                                                  Pit firing at home

                                                                        September '12

                                                                          A raku binge


                                                            babies growing more :)

                                                    Can you tell her dad is mad about rock climbing?

                                                                      more visits to Bala  :)

                                                       and off to New Zealand for WOW


                                                    this was my costume in the show-
                                           'She Shells' modeled here by my beautiful nieces

                                                      and here with WOW models on stage

                                                                            October '12

Our Donaldson Family exhibition in Sydney


Nephew Jed announces his engagement to the beautiful Alex

Step son, Gabe, gets his commercial pilots licence 
and moved into a new share house
YAY! Well done my friend!

new chicks hatched


                                                                 Lunch with Bala

                                                                  November '12

                                  Krish and Emma announce that they will get married in 2013
                                    Congrats my lovelies SOoooo looking forward to it :D!

                                      A detail of my 'Tea Party' costume was published
                                        in a beautiful new Thames and Hudson  art book
                                                        'Textiles - the art of man kind'


Teaching a dyeing workshop in Bathurst


                                                                  Flowers in the garden

                                                                      and more family visits :)

                                                          cook off with Gopal

                                                                   Mara's 15th Birthday

                                                                 I painted the inside of the house



                                                                       Coffee with Bala

                                                               caught up with new friends

                                                              and caught up with old friends

                                                                              December '12

                                                                 Special times with special people


                                                          Christmas time with LOTS of family :)

                                                                 lots of fooooooood

and I am sure I have missed 2/3rds of what happened!

 2012 was BIG .........

   What will 2013 hold?