Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sadhana's view of 2013 from the window of Lilli Pilli Studio

                                                                       January 2013

                                                     It was great to catch up with Michael's
                                              dear Uncle Ian who is now in hospital very ill.
                                                   I think of him daily and feel privileged
                                                   to have known him over the 18 years
                                                      that I have been with Michael.
                                                   Ian was a gentleman and a scholar.


Left hand drawing of Ian 
done a few years ago by me, Sadhana Peterson

We also met a lovely new family connection, Jill.

January'13 also saw an important birthday 
for my dear husband.

and we celebrated it later in the year 
at Darleys with this amazing meal
given to Michael by his work colleagues

We also had a sea side holiday for a few days

and one grand daughter looked like this

and the other ?????? 
was in Germany.

Feburary '13
saw the space around one side of the studio
paved and grassed all ready for use as an open studio 

it is also far more practical now for general use.

the grand daughters looked like this

and this

My She Shells had a lovely wrap in 'Textile Magazine'

Keeping in touch with my son in 
hospital is always on the agenda.
It is always good to see him.
He keeps life in perspective for me.

 I attended a Victor Greenaway 
demonstration day at the CSG
He is an inspiring guy.

Very dear friend Clair had her 70th


I got an awful spider bite in early March

made some wearable art with my grand daughter


April '13 
was a huge month

A photo shoot for my WOW entry
'Forbidden Fruit'
with Richard Walker
happened early in the month

Then they were posted to New Zealand

after an exhibit in the Mountains at Textile Forum

where Mara and I did a workshop

with the lovely Vicki Mason

A trip to 'Clay Push' in Gulgong was 
a big highlight for me in April 

It filled me with inspiration from 
potters around the world


the grand daughters looked like this

and there were coffee times with my sons

May '13

We had a very lovely and memorable 
music night at my brothers place 
in the Southern Highlands

and coffee's with Bala

Mara was playing lots of soccer 
and Michael was coaching

and the grand children looked like this 

and this

June '13

A group of Mud Colony 
blogging clay sisters went on 
an adventure to Victoria visiting 
pottery studios and exhibitions

It was a wonderful and inspiring time.
I came home full of inspiration.

Then and there was more soccer

and coffee mornings

and the grand daughters looked like this 

and this

and the daughter looked like this

July '13

The soccer kept happening

the coffee was topped up

the grand kids looked like this

and this

and I enjoyed a Gail Nichols
exhibition in Paddington
followed by her demonstration at the CSG

August '13

the garden produce was good

It was a very special month!

My eldest son was wed
to his long term partner the beautiful Emma

love these guys xx

So I made some pots

and cooked up a storm to fill them
and feast

and the kids and grand kids looked like this

and this 

and this

Mara was sculpting

and her team won the finals
Well done girls :)

and we had a 70th birthday for my sister
with cake!

September '13

Started with some natural dyeing

A bit of practise on some small lidded pots 
working up to  making a big vinegar jar

Off to Wellington N.Z.
for WOW

Brunch at the Australian High Commission
with other Australian Designers

Brunch at the Gypsy Deli Cafe in 
Wellington with two special gals

Wellington lights after a lovely dinner with friends
in Upper Hutt

Trip to see my work exhibited at 
the WOW museum in Nelson NZ 

It was a very special year for me 
as I had my niece Sarah with 
me at Awards Night.
It was the first time that I have
had extended family with me 
to share this special night.

Returning home for  coffee catch up's 
and a birthday celebration with Bala

                                                and the grand daughters looked like this

and this

and the garden started 
to look like Spring

October '13

I made lots and lots of plant fibre paper

Mara had her formal xx

                                                         The garden was looking great.

the vinegar jar was taking shape

Then the cicadas came
 in a deafening flurry

and the temperature went up

 The bush fire season started
and the community gathered.

 Large portions of the mountains burned
this time we were lucky but many friends 
and acquaintances lost their properties.

I sat and twined lots of the grasses into rope.
I had been drying plant materials 
that could have been a danger in the fires
so it was time to turn them into art materials 
and a rope suggesting safety seemed appropriate

                                                   There is always soccer games to attend

and wearable art to make

and the grand kids looked like this

and this

but this one was in Germany

November '13

My gorgeous nephew Jed was married 
to his perfectly matched partner Alex

and the grand nieces looked like this

and the bride arrived on the 
back of her dad's classic ute

Then I went back to the studio
and kept making paper

and the garden was blooming

                                                     and my grand daughter and I
                                                         made more wearable art

Then my sisters book was launched
 She had been working 
on it for the past 25 years!

Time to celebrate!

So we cooked up a storm!

Then there was a visit to the museum
with my grand daughter

and lots of potting in the studio

Mara performing

and turning 16!!!

and the garden kept blooming

and a batch of red browed finches hatched

and a batch of chicks hatched

and there was coffee to be had

and the grand kids looked like this

                                                                 and this

and this

and  THIS!!!!!

December '13

The vinegar jar was finished and shipped 
and it is still on it's journey as I write this post.
I am hoping every day that it is safe.

My step son Gabriel finished his aviation course 
and received his "WINGS"
in a celebration in a hanger at Bankstown Airport

Brilliant Gabe!

Then all the family arrived for Christmas

time for FUN!

Christmas morning Luca couldn't 
believe her eyes when she saw the stockings all full
under the tree!

she made some portrait cookies of everyone

and the grand children looked like this

and this

and this

                                                    We met family that had been lost

and enjoyed sharing a bit of music

Farewell 2013
It has been BIG!

Wishing you all a wonderful year for 2014.