Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One door closes and another opens

                                         Here we are at the end of 2013
                                         I can't believe how quickly it has gone
                                         and how much activity has fitted into this
                                         short space of time.

                                         This week is the last time that new posts will be uploaded
                                         onto the  Mud Colony blog share site

                                         So if you are keen to keep up with all the muddy
                                         members you will need to follow/subscribe to their
                                         personal blogs in the column to the right of this page.
                                         Or you can join the Mud Colony Face Book Page.

                                         When any important things in life, that have been taken
                                          for granted, come to an end it is a bit of a shock.
                                          So I must admit that I made a pout and a "Boo Hoo"
                                          when I heard that our MC blog share was closing.
                                          Adrianna did a wonderful thing starting the Mud Colony.
                                          I don't think I would ever  have got my head around
                                          the whole blogging world if I hadn't joined MC.
                                          I didn't realise quite what I was getting myself into
                                          though! When the voice of a ceramic goddess
                                          harassing me  came from on high (via email)
                                          requesting me to post something-
                                         Adrianna: "But what do you do? Send us a link to your blog!"
                                         Sadhana: "Oh My God-dess! 
                                                         I guess I have to work out how to blog now!!
                                                         I thought I was just going to read everyone 
                                                         else's blogs for inspiration!!!
                                                          !!!!!!Fa!@#$%^&*,rK!!!!! "
                                          love you Adrianna, a big sloppy thank you
                                          for stretching me further than I knew I could. xx

                                                Well….Great friends have been made in the wide world
                                                of ceramics through the MC blog both online and
                                                 in real life.


                                          I have collected some little treasures
                                          along the way from some  MC friends :)
                                          These put a little warmth in my heart
                                          every time I look at them :) :)

                                                      And treasures found on our field trip.

                                          I am sure none of the connections will be lost and
                                          friendships will continue but just in a different way.
                                          Things do need to change and grow in order to stay alive
                                          and I think that is what will come to pass.

                                          Face Book has certainly had a big influence
                                          on the larger  big wide world web of social life.
                                          I believe in not being fearful of these changes
                                          that are happening in our societies communication.
                                          It seems to me to be a far more constructive attitude to try
                                          to make technology work for us rather than
                                          cowering or running away from it,
                                          Gosh! Lets face it!
                                           It is bound to catch up with us in the long run
                                           what ever we do.
                                           As the old saying goes…..
                                          Better the devil you know than the one you don't know.
                                           Besides I want to be able to communicate with my
                                           grandchildren in the future :)
                                           "Keep up with the times!" I say.
                                           Then you are more likely to be able to enjoy
                                           progress rather than feel miserable
                                           about not understanding it :)
                                           So MC is doing just that, changing with the times,
                                           and I am sure it will continue to grow.
                                           Nice MC work Mrs AC

                                          So as the door closes on my battle to sort out
                                          my weekly post for the MC site
                                          Another window is opening
                                          for me and my studio in 2014.

                                          Along with all the family excitement,
                                          my youngest starting her HSC,
                                          my step son graduating from his Bachelor of Aviation and
                                          getting his 'wings' (commercial pilots licence)
                                          and with another grandchild due in March
                                          I am now embarking on some formal, home based,
                                          ceramic study through ANU.

                                          I am really looking forward to getting some good
                                          work and experimentation done with
                                          interesting input from some ceramic masters.
                                          Starting with a glaze development
                                          master class with the learned Greg Daly.
                                          I can't wait!

                                          I will continue to blog about my adventures and
                                         Perhaps by the second half of 2014 I will be
                                          ready to have a few open days at
                                          'Lilli Pilli Studio' and exhibit my new work.



                                                       I am planning a pit fire or two and
                                                          lots of raku over the winter.


                                                          Of course I will be doing all my other
                                                           work as well as pottery.

                                           * There will be textiles and dyeing.

Maybe it is time for a little MUD dyeing too ;)

                                                                    * Paper making.

and perhaps some experimenting 
    with combining my paper with ceramics  ;)
                                           * Mixed media collage and drawing

                                                                      * Basketry.



                                             Last but by no means least

                                            *Wearable Art 

                                             Although I am not planning to work on a
                                             wearable piece for 2014………………..
                                             knowing my brain, it is bound to have
                                             ideas bouncing around for a piece of
                                             work at future date and those ideas are likely
                                             to incorporate all of my above passions :)




                                          So, stay tuned to my blog for news updates.

                                                                  and finally

                                                      Here is a few snaps of test pieces
                                                        coming out of my kiln this week.


Now that I am happy with the results of this glaze.
                                         Finally my lovely vinegar jar, for my dear friend
                                         Beatrice, will get it's final glaze run.
                                         I have packed big glaze firing and I am now
                                          off to turn the kiln on.

                                    May you all have a lovely Christmas 

                                                        and a creative 2014




  1. Pots made by friends are the very best; it lends anther dimension to them.

    P.S. Thanks for following me.....*s*

  2. A fantastic post Sadhana.. thanks for including my vases. I'm looking forward to seeing more about your ANU course, and basketry, and mixed media... have a lovely Christmas :)