Sunday, 10 March 2013

Wet, Wearables and Wishings

                                          Over the last few weeks it has been SOoooo wet here !
                                                                    It is a fungi paradise.

I am thinking about making some pots inspired by all the fungi.

                                        This little fellow, below , came up in the carport like this

and developed into this...wonderful!     
                                             Our paving was completed this week
                                         and I can now get to and from the studio
                                         without the fear of slipping over.

                                                     So it has gone from this..................

To this..............

and grass will be laid on the earth above
 once the weeds have been removed

I have been doing some experimental dyeing this week with 
MX fibre reactive dyes
While I do much prefer using natural dye stuffs 
these MX fibre reactive dyes do produce some wonderful colours


                                                      Aside from all of the above ...

                                                  I  continue with the ever growing
                                               and highly secretive WOW garment
                                               which I am sorry to say I can only hint at
                                 (even though I would love to share the process with you)
                                        but I would be disqualified from the competition
                                  if any images were published before the show in September.
                            However I can say it is growing steadily and I cant wait for it to be done.

                                            I am longing for some clay between my fingers.

                             In the mean time I will check out what my friends at Mud Colony
                                      are up to in an attempt and ease my clay deprivation.