Monday, 8 September 2014

An ever changing life.

                                           It has been an eventful few weeks since my last post.
                                           Spring is here and the garden is starting to bloom although 
                                           the rain has been relentless and the garden is saturated 
                                         and leaks that we thought had been repaired have been 
                                          revealed and repaired again. 

                                         Not much of my personal work has happened in the studio.
                                         We were a bit run down after all the excitement 
                                         of the open studio in mid August so it was not surprising
                                         to find ourselves down with bad colds and therefore
                                         unable to do much other than socialise with blankets, tissues
                                         and hot lemon drinks for a couple of weeks. 
                                          We are more or less back in gear now.
                                          I have started teaching beginners pottery classes, 
                                          here at Lilli Pilli Studio, two days a week 
                                          which I am thoroughly enjoying.
                                          It is a squeeze to fit students and their work into 
                                           my little studio, so I am only taking two per class. 
                                           It is very nice.
                                           Though a bit of a work in progress trying to 
                                            work out how to share my creative space with other 
                                            creative people.

                                            I have submitted a large bottle into 
                                            the Port Hacking Potters 48th National Competition
                                            and Exhibition which will run from 
                                            20th September -1st October 
                                            at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.


                                            Our big news for this week is 
                                            the birth of our new little grand son.
                                            A perfect little compact bundle of joy.
                                            My fourth grand child. 
                                            Just wonderful.


So thats about it from us.
Keep your hands making 
and your heart giving :)