Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WoW! WoW! WoW!

Yes it is that time of year when I pack my bags and fly east for the Spring :)

This will be my last post before I head off to WOW.
Time to see my costume on the big stage with great lighting and music
in the TSB Arena at Queens Wharf, Wellington, New Zealand
and best of all it is time to catch up with friends.

Best wishes and a "HoooT HooooT" to all my fellow entrants xxx

Here are a couple of  WOW   YouTube clips to give you a taster

back stage sneak peak 2011

Pre show build up 2011

Montage of WOW 2011

and here is a little (from previous years) about some of the AMAZING designers and their work
Norelle Kendrick 

Sean Purucker

I just can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

It will be a fleeting visit for me this year as I must rush back
to put our exhibition together in Sydney with my fabulous siblings :)

in our blood 
at Mary Place Gallery

Hope to see you there!
The opening ( 3rd Oct - see above link ) should be a hoot!
I hear we are lucky enough to be continuing our tradition of pomp and ceremony with a trumpet fan fare announcing the exhibition open from the lovely Pat Devery and friends.
Then our colourful friend and fabulous artist, Rick Ball, will say a few words to open the show.
For a quieter look at the show come during the week. (see above link for opening hours)

We will all be there ( in different combinations ) looking after the gallery over the two weeks.
If you are wanting to catch up with anyone of us in particular contact either of the phone numbers on the link above and we will do our best to be at the gallery when you are :)

So that is about all for this week as I am way too busy to think clearly enough to say any more.
It will be a big post when I return.....
IF my feet hit the ground.....
and I have started to think properly again!

My brother Chris has a new website -  Chris Donaldson

Created by David Shipman Designs -
(another family connection)
What a clever feller he is  :)

Don't forget to check out The Mud Colony this week, always something new happening over there.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's warming up.Or is it ? Well that's it. I am FINISHED!!!

This week it has been all about pumping the pots through the kilns......
Although ..... the pots, the kilns and my old body were not so sure that that was such a good idea 8(

I have been averaging about 3 - 4 raku loads a day.
Don't get too excited, each load only has 2 pots in it.
But I am quite happy with the results in general.

This will have to be my last raku week for the year.
Spring is here and I can't risk the high bush fire danger that we live with, here in the Blue Mountains.
So I have been up at dawn (most days) trying to get through all the raku pieces I have made.

                                                         Fire box in the little rocket
                                      and reduction chambers (I do love a nice garbage bin ;)

                                                 I am so tired and ready to stop for a bit...

These fellers have been helping with the firing and giving me a bit more to think about as they dive bomb me...must be a nest around somewhere.
There is about 8 of them and they sing beautifully.
It adds to the theatricality of the firing.
'Sadhana and the Magpies' take the stage. Song ,dance and fire twirling.
( contains some strong language, may not be suitable for small children} 

  My big kiln, "Harry", has been powering too but something went wrong this week           
 and he fell short of the 1280 that my porcelain bowls needed to melt the glass I had in the bottoms of them.
 He only reached 1170 before refusing to go higher, just short of a nice smooth surface on this very old glass.
 Almost beautiful but not quite.

Thinking something was wrong with the program I did a reset and put it back on on to cook.
Poor feller just did the same and I am now thinking it is an element... :( :(
No chance of getting my kiln man in before the exhibition so I guess that leaves that series out. boooooo hooooo :(

After a mega day yesterday of stoking the kiln from 7.30am to 8.45pm and pushing out 6 kiln loads of raku pots, I can now say all my work is made.

I am sure the Mud Colony potters have been busy too.

Now I am off to photograph make the catalogue and display bits.
Less than 2 weeks before I MUST have every thing ready for our exhibition, in our blood.

Then I am off to NZ, on my own this time, to see my costume on the BIG stage at WOW.
Can't wait.
I haven't allowed myself to think too much about it until now as I have had too much to focus on for our exhibition.
But with everything made, I can start to think about the world out side ( well just a little. )

Here is a bit about WOW this year.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cooking up a storm!

                               I was lucky enough to have my lovely husband and daughter
                               around the other day while I was cooking pots and they were kind
                               enough to photograph and film the process for me.

                                    I do most of my work while they are not here and photography
                               is something I find just about impossible when I am in action cooking
                              because I am far more concerned about fire, smoke and water
                               than holding a camera.



              Here is a few all cleaned up with a 20c piece so you can see how teeny they are.
                             Even though they are tiny I can only fit 4 tiny or 2 not so tiny pots
                                               in the little raku ( "Rocket") kiln at a time.
                                           So they are not so small in terms of time and effort

                                                        These little porcelain gems
                                    are in the big electric kiln ( "Harry" ) as I write this post
                                    with pretty coloured glass that I collected in out back NSW

                                                    hehehe they look like bowls of sweets :)

                                        Now a  sneak peek at one of the smaller pieces
                                           that I will have in our up coming exhibition
                                                                   in our blood

                           Just to wet your appetite and maybe see you there (if you can)!


                                          Pit fired  'Garlic Pot' with grasses and textile basketry


                                                Now go check out the Mud Colony
                                                 nice work happening over there :)