Monday, 9 April 2018

March March Marching through March

                                             Back in home territory and lunch with family

Visiting Sandy Lockwood's PhD exhibition
at Wollongong University left me 
totally inspired

May Barrie
'Viva Solaris'

Lovely to catch a glimpse of this sculpture by my mums dear friend May Barrie
in the grounds of the uni.

It was lovely to have a visit from Benjamin from Melbourne 
and it gave us a chance to show off our wonderful Blue Mountains 

Thanks for visiting Benji :)

                         Then time to hit the studio and knuckle down for some serious uni work.
                         I am  sculpting with mixed media at the moment.
                         This way of working is full of surprises...some good ...some not so good.

                                                     Then a little time at a wildlife park
                                                  followed by a trampoline extravaganza
                                                          for my eldest grand daughter
                                                         who turned 7 !!!!  this month.
                                        Mara and I took her out for a birthday treat while
                                                       her family where busily moving house.

                                                    Everything always happens at once!


                                           Then off to do a residential in Canberra at ANU

A life drawing class using wire has taken me on an unexpected journey 
I am out of my comfort zone and I am trying to get my head around a new way of working
but I always love an experiment onward and upward!

The sculpture came through a bisque in tact 

but the hair was quite brittle after glaze

THEN..... the day that I took this out of the kiln

I fell over!

If I was superstitious I may have seen this as a premonition 

Yes.....I know....
I don't do things by halves

2 weeks later it had made its way down my face 
and I just looked my usual muddy self

After Canberra we headed North to visit family 
and attend the Blues Festival in Byron Bay

It was a highlight to see my mums dear friend Mieke
At 90 she continues to paint and draw every day 
and enjoys being a life model in her painting group.
She is a total inspiration.
Love you so much Mieke xxx

Then off to my sons house to visit his awesome little family.

Then to the Blues Festival.
This was a very new experience for me.
I tend to be a classical music person with a bit of world and jazz thrown in.
So the numbers of people and the huge sound from various tents 
took a bit of time to acclimatise to.
My husband and my daughter are musicians
so I am keen and love to do this kind of thing with them.

My favourite bands were

The California Honey Drops

Afro Celt Sound System

and we got a little bogged on the first night 
but a bit of a push got us on the way
though the mud did fly a little


                               All in all it was precious time spent with our wonderful family

A quick drive home ( 13 hours) taking in very small amount of appreciative site seeing

                      The long drive was all made possible thanks to the wonderful treats
                                 that my daughter in-law Suse had supplied us with.

                                         Once home it was time to emerge my self in clay

                                   Here is a little bit of inspiration for the clay lovers to check out

                                                   Lisa Hammond: 'A Sense of Adventure'