Saturday, 3 January 2015

As the years blur together.

It is that time of the year when I like to look back
at what has gone by over the last year 
so that I can grip the reins
for a safe ride through the coming year.
I find that taking stock of life's roller coaster 
 helps me to accept and appreciate my very full life.


This time last year we enjoyed a south coast holiday on the beach
and had the pleasure of an evening walk with a double rainbow.
Michael and I don't get a lot of down time together. 
So when we do have a holiday it is cherished.

2014 was a year full of highs and lows
as seems to be the case more and more in our lives 
as we get older and the family grows…
( our aspirations don't seen to lessen either!)

At the end of January I started a distance education 
Grad Cert Ceramics at ANU.
Starting with a Master Class in Glaze development with Greg Daly.
(I will hopfully finish it this year.)

It has been fabulous to be working in a structured way 
and learning from such a master.

It was also great to make friends with other lovers of clay.

                                           to see how they worked and what their focus was on.

and returning with treasures from Gundaroo 

 brought a performance for Mara and
lots of studio work for uni for me

Some inspiration from
  Cameron Williams at a CSG workshop

 My eldest son and family moved to the mountains
which has been wonderful and has made it easy 
to spend time with their family.

was about abundance.
The garden was producing well

and so was the family,
with the arrival new little grandson Finn! 

He has been a joy to watch him growing over the year 
I am so lucky to have this gorgeous family!

                                                    I was also playing with mud on cloth.

and making paper from the harvested iris,
and weeds in the garden like 
agapanthus and monbretia. 

and also making string for basketry

a wonderful 85 birthday 
for my sweetheart mother in-law

                                           Margaret Tuckson's exhibition of her art collection



                                  Little did I know that it would be the last time I would see her
                                  I miss her so much but I am so grateful to have had her friendship
                                  and influence in my life.
                                  Here are some pics of her house taken by my brother last year.
                                  The exhibition was a great thing to do but I think her collection
                                  looked best in situ and particularly in her house at
                                  Wahroongah (not shown here).

brought another Master Class in throwing at ANU

                                            I brought home a John Parker treasure (below)
                                            He was over from NZ doing a residency at ANU
                                            and it was a great treat to watch him create his
                                            beautifully textured pots.
                                            We had a shared theatrical connection too
                                            which I don't find happens too often,
                                            not many potters are thespians,
                                            we tend to be a quiet lot,
                                            but John works as a set builder and has a
                                            WOW connection too so we had much to chat
                                           about as we threw mud.

                                           I followed the residential up with lots of studio work

                                        There was also my daughters HSC drama production

and a welcome to her new boyfriend Tim.

Every thing in the garden was lovely


brought a one day workshop/demonstration at NAS
with Euan (the potter) Craig
visiting from Japan

and this litle treasure coming home with me.


brought more music from Mara

and a Bottles and Jars workshop for me 


Lots of eggs and limes from the garden
and a big batch of lime pickle.

a purchase of some beautiful purpose made tools from 

some raku making


                                               Nice to share a day of firing with my sis.

A bit of basketry on my raku during the cold months

and my first Open Studio with the Australian Ceramic Association
Open Studio, 
Unearth Your Local Potter Event

On the day of my first Open Studio I heard that my teacher,
friend and mentor Margaret Tuckson had died.
The last time I had seen her I told her 
that my goal was to be like her and teach from my studio 
 I was asked on several occations if I would teach on that day.

So I am now teaching here at Lilli Pilli Studio!
Only beginners classes.
Margaret only taught beginners too and then 
she would suggest as they became more proficient 
and serious that they should do some further training elsewhere.
That is what I will do here.

 welcomed another new grandson, Adi.

It has been a delight to watch him glow too.

So wonderfully lucky to have such a beautiful family!
How beautiful is this pic by my brother Chris?
He is a brilliant photographer!

A special 34th birthday for my dear Bala


brought a visit to Peter Rushforths house and studio 
and his old gas kiln came to live with me.

Here are some photos of Peters work and workspace
I wish I had got to know him better over the years
but I was a bit in awe and shy.
Silly me as I know we would have got on very well,
he and Margaret were great buddies.

I also made a mixed media skull for Halloween to raise money 
for the "Revitalise Lithgow" fundraiser

                                                           and the garden was a picture

                                                       brought my step son,Gabriel's,
                                                       graduation with a Bachelor of Aviation
                                                       Congrats Gabe!
                                                       Job well done!

                                                                   Mara turned 17

                                                bought a car
                                                           and got her P's
                                                                         in that order!

and my lovely Gopal, Suse, Lillie and Finn 
moved to Nth NSW due to a work transfer 
and I am missing them so much already!


A Ruthanne Tudball Workshop at NAS
with the Ceramic Study Group
turned my whole idea of throwing pots upside down!
Utterly fabulous!

more pots

A Blue Mountains bush walk with my brother Mike 
and friend Barry Voorwinden

we haven't spent a lot of time together 
so it was great to have a couple of days to catch up.

Preparation for a Christmas Open Studio

some eco dyeing in my new old copper


Krishna and I collaborated in creating a feast at Christmas

 and I made the best panettone to date :)

This year we not only lost  Margaret Tuckson, 
we also said farewell to Michael's Uncle Ian, 91
and to old family friend, 
May Barrie who passed away at 96
and dear friend Caitlin Whiticker/ Wilkinson 
who died too young at 18.
I constantly think of you Justine, Michael, Michelle and Miles
wishing you much love always.

It has been, as I said, a year of highs and lows.
I am going to try to focus on all the joys 
as I move into the next year.
I will remember the good times 
I had with those who have gone 
and try to enjoy to the full 
my time with those who are still here.
A little courage may be needed to cope with the 
political short sightedness of our countries leaders, 
the natural disasters, the loss of dear ones, 
life struggles 
and my ageing body.
All that being so, 
there is much to be thankful for and
I try to look at the positives 
in an attempt to ward off the negatives.
Keep my life simple and my heart warm.

Happy New Year all
I am sure it will be another eventful year full of highs and lows 
try to keep on the happy side of it.
best wishes,