Friday, 23 August 2013

Always in a Pickle,me.


                                           My Tahitian lime tree is busy fruiting
                                            and after a special request here is my
                                            favourite way of using them.
                                            It is a family favourite in our house  



Thursday, 22 August 2013

Frustrations,Creations and Festivities

Frustrations,Creations and Festivities Make an Interesting Life

Life has been big as usual over the last fortnight.
 We have had my eldest sons wedding in the preparation
     and I wanted so much for the day to be perfect for them.

As the caterer for the 70 guests I had my work cut out.
     I had decided to make some ceramics bowls and platters 
to contain the large amounts of food.

So of course, as Murphy's Law would have it,
when it came to the final glaze firing my kiln decided 
that it was in need of some help.

 Fortunately I have some wonderful friends
        and after almost giving up on having the pots 
       for the wedding our friend Kath,who is also 
     the art teacher at the school that my daughter 
   goes to, said she would be happy to help me 
         out with a firing in return for a firing I had done 
     for one of her HSC students a couple of years 
ago when they had no kiln.


So the pots were fired,
the food was made 
and the wedding was had.


Though it was just a little crrrrrrrazy in the kitchen!!!


                                                         It was a delightful ceremony




                                                   The cake had been hand painted by their friends
                                                                          Toni and Karena
                                                                           It was stunning!


                                                            Smiles of love filled the air

                                                      The littlies had a lovely time :)



A creative and happy wedding 
and delightful memories were made.
all the wedding photos were taken by my brother Chris

                                                But that is not all that has been happening....

                                              My daughter has been sculpting in paper clay
                                                      a school project that she brought home
                                                                         to complete
                                                           I think she is BRILLIANT!

                                     and our ground works have been continuing
                                           and I now have a nice PIT..... for a firing!

                                                      HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

                                                            and now that I can take a breath
                                                I will have a look at what the Mud Colony 
                                                            potters have been up to.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Slow roast and braised leaves

                                            My wonderful husband bought me this treasure
                                            as a late birthday prezzie and now I am putting it
                                                to good use.
                                                I did a workshop with the gorgeous and
                                                charismatic India Flint a few years ago and I
                                                have so much respect for her work and her way
                                                of living in the world.
                                                I learnt so much in the four days I spent
                                                in her workshop and her two books
                                                ECO COLOUR and SECOND SKIN are a brilliant
                                                addition to the workshop and give me constant joy.

              So I went for a walk this morning and found   
      some wind fall leaves together with a few
               tip prunings from the garden and have bundled 
               up a lovely Merino wool shirt that I bought last 
           week and it is on a slow cook in the dye pot.

                                                   Meanwhile the kiln is cooking a bisque
                                                   of large bowls and platters.

                                                   I need these for next week and I only
                                                   finished the two big bowls a few days ago!
                                                   So I nervously put the semi wet pots into a
                                                   low slow kiln and cooked them to 100˚ for
                                                   about 5 hours and they dried out beautifully.
                                                   (not very energy efficient I know but I am
                                                   a desperate woman this week!)
                                                   So the full bisque is now running and we
                                                   will see how they go.

                                                   Come back next week to see what comes out
                                                   of the oven and the cauldron!
                                                   "Hehehehe" she cackled to her self ;)

                                                    In the mean time you could check out
                                                    my web site if you haven't seen it before.

                                                    Or for more ceramic stories,
                                                    you could have a look at the Mud Colony                     

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The making and picking of marks.


                                                     I have been making beads.

                                                     It is one of those things you can do
                                                     on the dining room table when your
                                                     energy is low or the kids are sick,
                                                     or both, as was my case this week.

                                                   I have been dreaming about a few designs
                                                   for jewellery and they have been
                                                   waking me up at night.

                                                  Time they got out of my head
                                                   and into the kiln.
                                                   This was the perfect week for it.

                                                     Some of the Mud Colony potters
                                                     have been talking about tools and
                                                     I have to say that I do have lots of tools.
                                                     I love them.
                                                     I use many that are not always seen
                                                     or regarded as tools.

                                                    This week my favourite
                                                    is the humble tooth pick.

                                                         It is the perfect little rolling pin,
                                                         hole punch, engraver, piercer
                                                         and so much more.