Thursday, 1 August 2013

The making and picking of marks.


                                                     I have been making beads.

                                                     It is one of those things you can do
                                                     on the dining room table when your
                                                     energy is low or the kids are sick,
                                                     or both, as was my case this week.

                                                   I have been dreaming about a few designs
                                                   for jewellery and they have been
                                                   waking me up at night.

                                                  Time they got out of my head
                                                   and into the kiln.
                                                   This was the perfect week for it.

                                                     Some of the Mud Colony potters
                                                     have been talking about tools and
                                                     I have to say that I do have lots of tools.
                                                     I love them.
                                                     I use many that are not always seen
                                                     or regarded as tools.

                                                    This week my favourite
                                                    is the humble tooth pick.

                                                         It is the perfect little rolling pin,
                                                         hole punch, engraver, piercer
                                                         and so much more.


  1. I've never thought about using a toothpick for a small roller, brilliant.

  2. Brilliant Sadhana.. cant wait to see them finished, cool technique you've got there :)

  3. these are looking very interesting... keep us posted on their progress please :^)