Saturday, 27 July 2013

Life is BIG, So why not enjoy it ?

                                      Well this was the week of my 53rd birthday.
                                      OOOooooh Yes,
                                      and I am feeling it.
                                      The old body is getting less agile,
                                      less shapely (or maybe MORE so ) :(
                                      slower, more aches and pains,
                                      but you know what?
                                      I love my crazy old life and I wouldn't change it.

                                      My birthday started with a wonderful stack of crepes
                                      served with berries and cooked by my gorgeous
                                      15 year old daughter.


                                        It was looking like this was going to be a GREAT birthday!

                                      I then received an email with an 'offer of acceptance'
                                      into a Graduate Certificate in Ceramics.
                                      A post grad course at ANU that I had applied for.

                                      I am so looking forward to this course!
                                      If I have anything between 5 - 50 years left
                                      I want to spend it potting.

                                         Wooo Hooo!
                                         Thank you UAC perfect timing for a great birthday pressy!


                                                     My youngest grand daughter, Lillie,
                                                            started calling me GoGo :D
                                                                         On ya Lil!
                                                           All in all it was a perfect day!

                                      To finish off my son, Gopal and his partner Suse,
                                      made me a lovely dinner
                                      and my inlaws came to celebrate. YAY!


                                    Nothing like a bit of dancing in the kitchen to liven the spirit


                                                         Yesterday I took off for Sydney
                                     I dropped my son and his family home and then I hit the galleries.
                                     I had 2 shows that I really wanted to catch
                                     The first was Gail Nichols show at Sabbia, it closes this weekend.
                                     It was absolutely beautiful!


                                     I am very excited that she will be one of my teachers at ANU.

                                     Then I went off to Observatory Hill to the S.H. Ervin Gallery
                                     for Peter Rushforths exhibition.

                                             I bought his DVD

                                    I finished my day with this months CSG meeting
                                    where Gail Nichols was giving a demonstration and presentation.

                                    Then back home to the mountains by midnight!

                                    OH WOW! BIG day!

                                    Am I too old for all this excitement?

                                    Nah....I will just have a Nanna nap today,
                                   relax over my new DVD and check out what
                                    other Mud Colony adventures have been happening.

                                    Then all will be hunky dory because
                                    tomorrow is bound to be another big day!



  1. Love that you had Such a Great Birthday! may there be many many more just as good :^)

  2. So glad you had Such a Great DAy :^)

  3. Congratulations on the birthday and the acceptance! What an exciting time you will have persuing your passion.