Friday, 12 July 2013

Fire Fire FIRE!

                                                  Recent experimental work.....
                                                  mmmmm...... not sure, what do you think ?

                                    and a bit of raku but not really happy with anything yet

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  1. Looove the first tree trunky pot and your teapot looks very functional with a high spout and well fitting lid :^) do I detect some inspiration from our trip to Victorian woodfirers there?

    1. Thanks Ann,
      I think I took the temp up a bit high and the slip lost a bit of its colour but in this case I don't mind how it came out.
      The tea pot isn't that great but I am slowly working out what I like.
      The lid fits well but it is a bit heavy as is the rest of the pot.
      The front handle is inspired by Rob Barron's tea pots but the form of the pot is very different from his and I think this pot would have been much better with out it.
      Working on it all though.

  2. I really like the blue cross hatched vase, how up close the lines are clear then from a distance it becomes like a subtle wash of colour. And there are some gorgeous flashes of colour in the raku piece too. Your website is fantastic Sadhana - your costumes are amazing, so clever!

  3. I thought they were great pieces. Interesting effects, texture and colour.

  4. They are all great would keep them all myself but trying to declutter very slowly!

  5. Hey! Love 'em all! I know that we are all too self critical, but your stuff is great!

  6. Those vases are terrific, especially the last two.