Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fire, Water and a little bit of Lustre

                                                  Today was the first clear day, for some weeks,
                                                  that I could focus on doing some raku firing.
                                                  Clear, both in weather and in commitments.

                                                 It has been raining on and off for several weeks
                                                 and the forecast is for more rain from tomorrow.
                                               So I quickly set the little raku rocket and set to work.
                                                  After a day by the kiln stoking and repacking
                                                  and stoking again ( 5 firings in all).
                                                   I am fairly happy with the results.

                                                            Here is a sample of just a few.

                                            This post will be part of the Mud Colony 
                                    this week so  check out what other potters are up to.

                                                                 NEWS FLASH!

                                        My 2013 group of costumes have been selected
                                        as a finalist in WOW.  YAY!
                                        So I am now busy making preparations to go to
                                        Wellington NZ for the show in September.
                                        You can have a look at my website for photos
                                        of my previous WOW costumes but for the moment
                                        this years must remain secret.

                                        Life is very full and it is  WONDERFUL!



  1. Congratulations on the successful raku firing and on your costumes being accepted.

  2. Hi Sadhana, nothing like a spot of raku for a bit of instant gratification is there! Can I ask, what glazes do you use? I like those greenish blushes ...