Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cooking up a storm!

                               I was lucky enough to have my lovely husband and daughter
                               around the other day while I was cooking pots and they were kind
                               enough to photograph and film the process for me.

                                    I do most of my work while they are not here and photography
                               is something I find just about impossible when I am in action cooking
                              because I am far more concerned about fire, smoke and water
                               than holding a camera.



              Here is a few all cleaned up with a 20c piece so you can see how teeny they are.
                             Even though they are tiny I can only fit 4 tiny or 2 not so tiny pots
                                               in the little raku ( "Rocket") kiln at a time.
                                           So they are not so small in terms of time and effort

                                                        These little porcelain gems
                                    are in the big electric kiln ( "Harry" ) as I write this post
                                    with pretty coloured glass that I collected in out back NSW

                                                    hehehe they look like bowls of sweets :)

                                        Now a  sneak peek at one of the smaller pieces
                                           that I will have in our up coming exhibition
                                                                   in our blood

                           Just to wet your appetite and maybe see you there (if you can)!


                                          Pit fired  'Garlic Pot' with grasses and textile basketry


                                                Now go check out the Mud Colony
                                                 nice work happening over there :)


  1. Hello Sadhana, so lovely to see your process photos with the raku,your pieces are great. I hope you post photos of your porcelain pieces with the glass in them, I have often thought about trying that but haven't as yet. What temperature do you fire them to in your electric kiln "Harry"?? :) thank you for sharing! Cheers Annie :)

  2. Hi Annie and thanks,
    These will go to 1280 in "Harry" this time as some of the glass is pretty chunky and I want to be sure it is nicely melted
    Sadahan :)

  3. Sadhana---- to busy to spell my own name :P

  4. Hee hee - looks like a fun firing... raku is always a big event, even when you think it's not going to be...

  5. Thanks for sharing your process Sadhana.. something very magical and alchemical about a bit of clay and fire. I adore this garlic pot :)

  6. Nice to you the photos of your process Sadhana! I love your tiny bowls...great for prepping! I also love the smaller garlic piece at the bottom! Very nice!

  7. oh that looks great, the process and the results! Would love one of the Rocket kilns. Hope your exhibition goes well, won't be able to make the opening but maybe one of the talks....