Thursday, 30 August 2012

Any one for hors d'oeuvres ?

It has been a busy week....well that's an understatement!!!!

                                     It started with a bit of raku....5 firings this week
                                                    not all great but some good bits

                                        I wanted to create a group of work that would be affordable 
                                               along side the bigger more substantial works
                                                    in our exhibition in October (see below)

                                                      Most of my work is quite expensive
                                             as it requires me to go and forage for materials
                                                       long hard hours of forming by hand,
                                                   weaving basketry, carving and embroidery.


                                            So  I have been working on having a selection of
                                    hors d'oeuvre dishes, side salad bowls and condiment bowls

                                    Some will be raku and some will be high fired in porcelain
                                 with glass that I found in out back NSW melted in the bottoms

                                                   I have very sore hands today boo hoo
                               after throwing a bag of Keans Buff Raku and a bag of white raku
                                                              this clay is rough stuff!
                              But working with the porcelain afterwards was like velvet mmmmmm
                                    Think I'll go put my feet up and have a glass of red.
                                                      Next week will be all about firing.

                             Go check out the   Mud Colony to see what other potters are up to.


  1. Yowza Sadhana !!! Ow ow ow ... How the heck do you throw that stuff ??? Look forward to seeing the results of your offerings !!
    Congrats on the longevity of your familial exhibitions !

  2. I know sheer madness!
    Still it is all in the hope for some nice pots...mmmmmm.....they will probably all explode...crack...look awful...but always worth a try :)

  3. I love the piece you're holding in the very first picture! The colours are wonderful! I have no idea what type of clay you're talking about but I'm guessing it's pretty groggy? I also haven't worked with porcelain yet but when I hear things like velvety, it makes me want to pull out the box of it I've been hoarding!

  4. Oh I wish all your bowls good luck, I think it's smart to have some different price points to offer at the show.

  5. Yes Brenda, it is a VERY groggy Australian clay...rather like rubbing your hands on a gravel path for 2 hours....OUCH!
    My hands are not a pretty sight just now.
    I am sure you will enjoy your porcelain.

    Thank you Linda, glad you think the varied pieces is a good idea :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of some of those gorgeous bowls you have on the go. Its great to see what you are up to, I am enjoying your posts and pictures. thanks

  7. I just love the effect of raku black in the cracks... great to get these colours too. Raku is such a touchy process, but results are worth it.