Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time for a change.....

                                                      Still cold up here in the mornings

                                                            But Spring is in the air

Flowers blooming

                                                                    Hens are laying

                                     I am planning to do a pit firing and a raku firing
                                          while it is still cold over the next week or two.
                         So I have been throwing condiment  bowls and small serving dishes
                                                             getting ready for a bisque.

                                             We live in a bushy  area that is bush fire prone.
                                         So I get nervous  about doing wood firings.
                                                   There are a lot of trees on our block
                                                       We moved here 15 years ago
                                           and those trees  have  all been doing a good job of growing.
                                                   Sadly it has come to a point of choosing
                                                       which will stay and which will go.

                                        This week we had a lilli pilli taken out and this old pear tree :(


                                 The good side of it is that the garden now has light and space
                                                                  and still lots of trees


                                 My aim is to make a garden that my grandchildren can play in.
                                      I am also trying to create a space that I can run classes in
                                    and hopefully in the long run be able to do wood firings safely.


                                I now have a handsome pile of wood for my dream wood firing kiln.....
                                                      But in reality building it is still a bit down the track .....
                                                          but a dream is a good place to start.

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