Thursday, 23 August 2012

It's cold......I think I'll light the fire ;)

            With the weather on my side this week I decided that it would probably
 be my best and last chance, before Spring, to do the pit firing I have been working towards.

                                Having just had trees removed and others pruned last week
                                      the stage was set for this old gals fire dance.

                          OOooh I do love a nice fire and a toasting of my lovingly made pots.
                                 I confess I was a little excited and glassy eyed as I watched
                                           the flames dancing around and licking the pots.


As an experiment I decided to place a piece of chicken wire in the base of the pit to aid ventilation
                                           I don't think I will bother with it next time

I filled the pit with a concoction of sawdust , pine needles, coffee grounds, 
salt and other bits and pieces

I wrapped the pots as nice little bundles

                                                          Some with banana skins

                                                   added some salt bush from Wilcannia


                                               piled up the wood and away she blew!

Lucky I have understanding neighbours!
Thanks Janelle and Michael xxx

                                               NB : hose at the ready on the grass behind

                                                                and then they cooked

                               Though there where a few pops and cracks !@#$%^&*()_!!!!!!!
                                                              But no major losses

                                            then I closed up the pit to roast over night

                                           just a peek to see how it was going in the evening

                                                     a little smoke still puffing in the morning

                                                              next evening........ ta da!

                                                                             all out 

                         Quite happy considering it is the first pit fire I have done on my own.
         I think next time (next winter) I will make the pit deeper, a bit smaller and with fewer pots.

     I ended up with some salt deposits on one pot which may mean it didn't get hot enough in parts.
                                 Any thoughts on how important it is to clean off the salt deposits?

                                               Now to do a scrub up and add some basketry
                                        so that they are just right to go into our exhibition
                                                                        in our blood

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  1. I "built" my pit with bricks. No digging involved then.