Thursday, 2 August 2012


                                                      POTS and POTS and PAPER

Well I am getting very excited about Stefan Jakob's workshop in Sydney this coming weekend
with the members of the CSG (ceramic study group).

jump  ;o
skip  ")
hop   8D

Stefan is a Swiss potter who has developed/designed a raku kiln made from an IKEA rubbish bin.
I understand that it fires to 1,000 degrees C in 30-45 minutes using only 2 shoe boxes of wood chips!
Should be a real little rocket kiln!
I have fired some pots to a low bisque
( although I have now heard that it could have been a full temp bisque :\ )
and I am getting my tool kit together for the kiln construction.
(We each build a kiln which we can then take home :) :) :) )
It will be great to finally meet some of the members of the CSG.

I joined  the CSG a few months ago and I haven't been able to get to ANY of the meetings as yet .
They only meet once a month and each time I have either been sick,
had family commitments or a broken down car :(

BUT...... I WILL get to this work shop ! ...
I may be dragging my coughing and spluttering body....
dumping the car and walking 100km, abandoning the needy family but........ I WILL get there!

Here are the little  numbers that I'll take to fire :)

I have also been making a bit of paper this week.
It is made from some of the grasses I collected in western NSW a few months ago. 

excuse my messy verandah,
I usually do my paper making here.....
The shelves behind me are divided into
paper making equipment,
dyeing equipment
and glazing equipment

 On the   WOW  front

here is a bit of News containing my entry and other clever Aussies who are finalists.

11 Aussie finalists in WOW

Thanks to Allison MacKay, a clever NZ designer, for posting it to me xxx

Well that is about it for this week
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  1. I'm going to his workshop at Gold Coast! So excited!

  2. Great!
    I'll keep you posted Marian.
    I'll be writing about it in next weeks blog. YAY!

  3. Can't wait to see what you've done at this workshop! Your paper is beautiful! I love the texture!

  4. love the paper and congratulations on becoming a WOW finalist!

  5. Thanks all,
    Brenda,I will post all about it tomorrow :)
    Thanks Anna,all good fun ;)