Friday, 15 February 2013

Stitch stitch stitch.....and then there was porcelain

                                     I am focused on my WOW entry at the moment.
                                     Yes, once again I am surrounded by a collection
                                     of found materials and objects which are being
                                     put together with the aid of my trusty sewing machine
                                     an iron and a vat of glue.
                                    It is an usual piece this year and I am allowing it to evolve
                                     rather than being too ridged with my design process.

                                      My usual process is to have a brain wave idea
                                      and I just set to and make it.
                                      Not this year ... the idea is still forming
                                      and I am now well into making the piece.
                                      It will either be brilliant or a total flop....who knows
                                      but it is fun in the making and great to be working on a gut level
                                      instead of from an intellectual level for a change.

                                       NEWS FLASH!

                                       Just 10 min ago I found my TEXTILE magazine in the post.
                                       This months looks different to the one shown in the link above.
                                       It features a lovely photo by fellow WOW
                                       designer  Paul Hagger - with a detail of a work by Sharyn Hall.
                                       Look for a green cover.

                                       I was delighted to find an lovely article on my SHE SHELLS.
                                       You can find this mag in most good newsagents in Australia
                                       and in some O/S.
                                       I am in fine company with the work of Susan Holmes,
                                       Svenja and Paul Haggers works.
                                       YAY for us! 
                                       Thank you to Janet DeBoer for her ongoing support.

                                   There is one mistake in the article,
                                   it states that this was my 4th entry
                                   but it was actually my 5th.

                                   AND THEN....

                                  I am off to a Victor Greenaway demonstration on Sunday
                                  all being well.

                                 If you are in Sydney and interested
                                 better phone quickly to get a place.
                                 Looks like a beaut!

                                   I will now post this blog entry on the MUD COLONY site
                                                so check what is happening over there too.


  1. congrats on the magazine article, good stuff!!
    I forgot about the Victor Greenaway workshop and I think he was at the Powerhouse too :( so many options, so little time... enjoy yourself, I'm sure it will be brilliant..

  2. Thanks for the heads up Miss Sadhana about the publication and thank you for your kind words... My art is nothing without the support of my fellow artists like yourself;-)

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the mag Miss Sadhana and well done on your article:-)... I will promptly pic a copy up tomorrow;-).

    GO TEAM!!!;-)