Monday, 4 February 2013

A little bit of digging.

                                   We have a little bit of landscaping happening this week.

                                             The plan is to have the space between
                                               my studio (on the left of the picture)
                                and the verandah (my unofficial outdoor studio) on the right,
                                         paved in such a way that we can drive a car in.
                              I will also be able to set up tables for workshop and /or art classes.
                                                           ALL VERY EXCITING!


  1. ooowhee, very exciting. what type of work shop? textile or clay?

  2. LOOK how WET it is there!!!
    Jealous of your gorgeous greenery! SUCH exciting prospects ..
    xx Adriana

  3. Looks like good soil, how will you hold that bank up?

  4. testing comments for Sadhana

  5. Thanks Anna,
    Hopefully both .
    Once I get organised :)

    it has been wet wet wet
    and then hot hot hot
    and wet wet wet again
    but most of the green is a sea of privet in the abandoned property next door :(

    it is good soil
    keep watching to see how it all works in the end ;)

    Gosh maybe this time my post will work!
    I am doing through safari rather than fire fox...
    Now why would that work?