Friday, 8 February 2013

Use it till you lose it

                                              I have been battling with my arms...
                                                   Elbows, wrists and thumbs
                                                           for some years now.
                                               I am sure many of you fellow artists
                                               have experienced the same condition.

                                                     Very frustrating as an artist
                                             with itchy fingers to be slowed down :(
                                                               But I have had to.
                               Tennis elbow and arthritis don't sound like much of an issue
                                      but when it comes to making, it is quite difficult.
                                                        No strength and plenty of OUCH!

                                               So the treatment has been stretches
                                                and gentle weight bearing exercises
                                                                      for 6 weeks.
                                                Today I started the first of a series of 4
                                                             sugar water injections.
                                                   These will happen every 2 weeks now
                                                                over the next 8 weeks.
                                                          They go into the tendon in the elbow.
                                                      As tendons don't have much blood flow,
                                     the theory is to trick the body into healing the tendon.

                                                             After these 4 injections
                                                there may be a further series of injections
                                                    of my own blood into the same spot.

                                           The good news is that I can get back to work.
                                                      As long as I use my arm brace.

                                                              Well that's a relief !
                                 I was thinking I would be a nervous wreck before too long
                                           if I could get into the studio in a serious way.

                                                     Construction site update....YAY!
                                                                      Happy dance!

                                                     Below - is where the paving will go.

                                                                  This will be grass.

                                                            here is the wall Linda Starr
                                                        Below will be the alternative firing spot
                                                                ... pitt... raku.... sawdust

            This is part of a blog share with other potters that you may like to join Mud Colony


  1. Yay, you found a way around the comment problem. I hope the injections work well for you. The excavations are looking great!

  2. Well yes...but I hope I find a better solution .
    I have to comment in one browser and approve it in another BOOOooooo!

  3. All that ground work looks amazing my dear friend !!
    Im crossing my fingers for you and that treatment, take it easy x

  4. Ouch! Sounds like you are in some pain Sadhana. I hope the injections work. Remind me to take better care of my joints. I'm just new to this and should probably start now! Love the yard..can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Thanks Gals,
    It can only help....or not...and I am not going to let it stop my creativity.
    Yep when I look at the ground work I don't even notice my wonky arm :) xxx