Thursday, 22 November 2012

Of Farms and Flowers, Paint and Fowls

                                   We spent last week end visiting my in laws
                                   on their farm at Taralga (between Goulbourn and Oberon NSW ).
                                   It may well be our last visit as the farm goes up for auction
                                   this coming weekend. :(

                                   If you are interested in moving to the country
                                   and this looks your style, you had better get in quick
                                   as there are already people interested.

                                           here is the real estate agents link to   'Somerset'

                                             Their garden is stunning at the moment.

                                                      They are both in their 80's now
                                                             and need to down size.                          
                                                             They will miss the farm
                                                   but are looking forward to playing golf
                                                         and spending time with family.

                                                But for anyone keen on the open spaces
                           this farm has been reforested in parts with the help of land care
                                             it has solar pumps and solar electric fencing
                                                  and is generally really well cared for
                                                 It has always been a delight for us to visit.

                             It would be a wonderful place for a potter/small scale farmer
                                              Room for a wood fired kiln and plenty of fuel.


                                                                    back at the ranch..............

                                                            I have been painting the living room.

                                                    This is the colour that a potter paints their house
                                                        when they wish they had mud walls.


                                                  and we had to bring the older  5 chicks inside
                        as they were attacking the tiny ones and indeed we lost one because of it :(


                                                                   but Mara is pleased
                                                                  and they are cute ;)
                                                                     and so is she xx

                                          I am off to check out the Mud Colony bloggers now
                                   I am sure they are busy preparing lots of Christmas goodies


  1. November 2012 at 21:37

    I live in a mid brick house, very rural, only a small farm by some standards, but trying very hard to be a potter.

  2. what a wonderful place - love those old farm gardens. Do hope the new owners appreciate all the work that has gone into it.
    Love those warm yellow walls and the art display (oh and those little vases with the flowers, but then I'd be biased).
    Hope the chicks get on well soon so they rejoin the family outside :^) though looks like they are in good hands for now...