Sunday, 4 November 2012

A day of new friends and old friends :)

                                  After some secret planning over the last couple of weeks
                                                 ( instigated by the fabulous Adrianna)
                                                     a few members of the Mud Colony 
                                   decided to pay a surprise visit to Everleigh Artisan Markets today.

                                                        The ACA had a group of stalls
                                and one of those stalls was run by the beautiful mud colony member,
                                       Kathryn Mitchell, with her lovely hand painted ceramics.

                                          Katy had come down from the Gold Coast
                                              and Adrianna came up from Melbourne...
                                                  I think Katy was a little surprised ;)
                                                   Laughter and hugs all round  :D
                                    Many of us were meeting for the first time, face to face,
                                            so our virtual Mud Colony relationships
                                      have now started to became part of the real world.
                                                              WHAT FUN!

 I  bought a few lovely pieces from the potter stalls

                                                      An early dinner in Redfern
                                              (seared tuna and salsa and an iced coffee)

                            Then off to find an old friend who I went to uni with from 1998 -1991
                                            Gail Priest who was launching her latest LP

                                               How wonderful to sit back in an interesting space
                       in a comfortable arm chair and be given a feast for the senses.
                                     There were several sound artists over the evening
                                                    and each created interesting music
                                            that affected me both emotionally and physically.
                                     I say that it affected me physically because the sounds
                                                seemed to get into the muscles of my body
                                                and create physical waves and vibrations
                                           causing an emotional response.....fascinating!

                                             So I also had to take home some of their work.
                                               Now I can continue to enjoy that experience
                                                         while I am working in my studio.
                                                                       Very inspiring!


  1. I am soooo envious Sadhana! One day I hope that I can meet my Mud Colony pals! Sounds like it was a fabulous day!

  2. I am so sorry I missed the markets. I double booked myself and had so sleep the night before due to my possibly teething son. Glad it was a good one!

  3. Thanks girls.
    It was lovely to meet those that were there but don't feel bad that you missed out.
    It was hard to have a proper chat as markets are tricky like that.

    It would have been nice to sit around a work bench with some clay, sip tea and chat....mmmmm maybe one day :)

  4. great post :^) the music sounds interesting.. will follow that link. Yes, maybe a proper mudcolony reunion one day...

  5. Ahhh I'm so behind, I only just found this post! Great photos Sadhana! It was a pleasure to meet you in real life :) x