Friday, 16 November 2012

I still refuse to enter the studio!

Still not keen to enter the studio.... mmm
 I still need to NOT create 
in fact I think NOT creating is a very creative thing for me right now.

I am thinking about designs for costumes, pots, jewellery and sculptures
but I am still a long way from being ready to create.

The garden and my house hold environment
are my top priority at the moment.

I am letting my imagination ferment for a bit, brew into a tasty beverage.
I don't think I will be back in the studio seriously making again until 2013.

I am loving watching these beautiful hens and chicks.
This little snugly one popped out this morning. 

The mum proudly showed it to me
and then gently rolled the rest of her eggs under her chest.

So here (above) are our co-parenting mums with their 4 chicks today...
still sitting on another 4 - 5 eggs 

                                                     The older chicks are doing well
                                    though they are a little nervous of the other mother hens
                                          who peck them when they get the chance .

                              Altogether we now have 9 chicks and I am sure there will be more.

 The garden is a joy at the moment

                                                             Orchids are flowering

and the strap cactus

I have been potting up some of the orchids into my 
broken and discarded pit fired pots. Just perfect for orchids.

                                        I have decided to line my baskets with news paper
                                             instead of expensive ready made liners.
                                    I think they will look OK once the plants get going.
                                             The birds have stolen all the coconut fibre
                                                          so I had to do something!

                                           We have a LOT of news paper at our house.
                                       One of my husbands great joys is to read 2 papers a day
                                      and he doesn't throw them out until they have been read!!
                                                         Yes, after a busy day at work
                                             he still manages to absorb all that news paper info.
                                         He always tells me about exhibitions and various art news
                                                      that I may have missed - BRILLIANT :)
                                                                     Not just a pretty face,
                                                there is not much that man can't tell you about
                                  As you can imagine, he is the best person to take to a trivia night. ;D

                                                  The papers do become a bit of a concern.
                                                Particularly as they become high rise towers.

                                                                          mmmmmmm :\

                                                Here is the start of one of the smaller piles. ;}
                                                              So in the name of recycling
                                               I like to use them in what ever way that I can ;)
                                                                 (when he lets me ;~O )


A bit of exciting news this week!

Here is the link to a big new gorgeous art book 
that has just been published by Thames and Hudson 

which has my Tea Party in it.
* a little hoppy dance and a bow with a flourish*

         I haven't seen it yet but hope to soon :)

Off to the Mud Colony now :)


  1. thanks for making me smile :^) those chicks are gorgeous, you'll never be short of newspaper mulch/weed mats for the garden and that costume is amazing!

  2. My husband is a 2 paper a day man too. I make paper bricks and pavers for the garden with them. I am hill building, raising myself above the flood plain with all that fabulous paper. I like the idea of percolating ideas, enjoy your break from clay creativiy.

  3. The chickens are cute and the orchids look great. You can always spot a potters garden which are filled with the seconds. Lovely post.

  4. Thanks all,
    Yes news paper is great and who knows we may not see it for too much longer with the online versions kicking in in a big way. Already home delivery has stopped in our suburb.Probably a much greener way to go too. I like the idea of bricks and pavers JB. Do they not fall apart? I have also been contemplating making paper clay.