Monday, 12 November 2012

Grandchildren,Chicks and Flowers

                                             It is a beautifully busy life at the moment.
                          Although I am not working on any creative projects at the moment,
                                                         life is full of inspirations.
                                            The garden keeps producing little surprises,
                                 even though it has been sadly neglected over the last 6 months.

                                     The last two weekends have been full of my delightful children,
                                                              grandchildren and friends.


Yummy food 

more cuteness!

We even made a clay hand print!

                             There is also the joy of hens ....
                                         these two are co-parenting their chicks.
                                                  Not something you see often in hen world.
                                                            Usually they are very territorial about their chicks.
                                               But these two are hatching the eggs together
                                                              Feeding the first born

the next day they had two to take for a walk

 New today is number 3 'Cuddles'

She/he is a bit of a dreamer and doesn't always follow the mums
as you can see I have been able to pick this chick up 
with out any concern from the mums.... 
they just keep forgetting this little one and go back to hatch more eggs

 I put it back with it's mum and it had to fight to get a snuggle.

Our 5 chick family is also going well 
the chicks are getting their feathers now 
all strong and healthy and becoming independent.

So we have 8 chicks in all and still more on the way.

                                                  And as a final note but by no means least
                                                     I have two congratulations to make........
                                                                     Drum roll please!

                         * Firstly, to my eldest son Krishna and his partner of 10 years, Emma,
                                who are planning to get married next year! YAYAYAYAYAY!      
                                               Such a beautiful couple and so well suited .
                                               I am so delighted for you both ( all 3 of you)

                                                 * Secondly to my lovely husband, Michael,
                                             and all the partners at Hazelbrook General Practice
                       who where awarded 'NSW General Practice of the year 2012' yesterday.

                                                                      Well deserved! 

                                             A group of very hard working, kind and skilled  doctors,
                                                                  health workers, office staff
                                                       and a wonderful Practice Manager, Kathy.

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