Friday, 23 November 2012

How lovely to be published!

        'Textiles -The Art of Mankind' by Mary Schoeser 
published by Thames and Hudson

One of those glorious art books that 
make you salivate as you turn each luscious page.

That make you dream of making something that might one day 
be worthy of a book such as this.

Then out of the blue it happens!
Yes nestled in the glossy pages of this stunning book 
is a detail of my 'Tea Party' and I took the photo too!

I am feeling very humble at this moment 
as all the works that share the pages of this book are breath taking.

Very proud.



                                        It is strange that there is no picture of the head dress
                                                          as I think that is the best part.

                                                The first inspiration for this piece
                                 came when I was away at a Textile Forum in Orange
                                        and a wonderful textile artist Svea Bjornsson
                                      was wearing a beanie that set my imagination on fire
                                    and I asked her if she would mind if I ran with the idea.

                                                      Here is a pick of her in her beanie

                                           Sometimes it is the most difficult things in life
                                                       that inspire the most creativity.

                                          When I saw Svea in this hat, my heart did a little leap.


                                             Today I will share with you (very briefly)
                                                       a private place in my heart.
                                            Only because this piece should be credited
                                                        to the people who inspired it.
                                                It is not something I talk about often
                                            as it is a place of sadness and vulnerability
                                  and I don't like to dwell on the sad parts in life too much.

                                        I have a son who struggles deeply with mental illness.
                                 The poor darling has been in hospital for two and a half years.
                                                    As a family we all ache for him to be well.

                                                                So this piece was for him.
                                            Along with the trauma and complexity of mental illness
                                               there is also a childlike simplicity that causes the patient
                                                   to become deeply lost in a story or fantasy world,
                                                  similar to a child in the midst of a role play game
                                                 but my son's fantasy world never goes away completely.
                                           I think he is very brave to cope daily with such a disability.

                                         I try to keep reminding myself of how wonderful he was
                                                before he became sick and I keep visiting him
                                             with all the happiness and love that I can give him.
                                                Always hoping that one day there will be a cure.

                                                                     So if it wasn't for

                                                                     *  My dear son
                                                                     *  Svea's lovely beanie

                                                This costume would never have happened.

                                                                   and a big thank you to
                                                                          Janet De Boer
                                  for letting me know that there was a call for submissions
                                                               from Thames and Hudson



  1. Congratulations. Hope there is more to come

  2. Thank you for being so honest and open about your life and creative process! This was a beautiful entry, and a stunning photo!

  3. My heart goes out to you, your family, and your son; I pray for a cure as well for all those suffering with mental illness.

  4. Congratulations Sadhana with your piece in that book. I have three children and cannot imagine the pain you feel having a child with mental illness. Thank you for sharing with us this lovely post. I also looked at your last post re the Farm for sale. I used to live on that road between Goulburn and Taralga many years ago on 600 acres. I lived very simply with no electricity etc. Its were my first child was born. If I remember correctly, 'Somerset' is set quite a bit off the road along Somerset Lane? How many acres are they on there? It looks like a wonderful property. Would be very hard for them to leave after all those years :(

  5. Sadhana. I just had a look at the link you supplied for your inlaws property for sale. Very beautiful. I am sure that it will sell very quickly. I wish them all the best.

  6. Well deserved affirmation for a wonderful piece of work. What a beautifully produced book! A small pity they didn't show the headpiece to give a complete understanding of the conception. So proud of you!

  7. Thanks for all your positive feed back everyone.