Sunday, 7 October 2012

She sells SHE SHELLS by the sea shore

WOW! What a Time!

Here I am back in Oz after my whirl wind trip to Wellington, New Zealand 
to see my costume in the 2012 World of Wearable Art show.


Seeing my She Shells on the big stage 
is the only time that I see it as a completed work.
The lights and choreography for a piece of wearable art are like the framing or plinth that an artist would use to complete a painting or a sculpture in a gallery.

I arrived in Wellington on Wednesday 26th Sept in the mid afternoon 
and met two designer friends from Christchurch, Marie Grant Roxbough and Jude Clemett; we had a snack and went to the dress rehearsal together full of nerves and excitement.
The rehearsal is done as a full show but the seats are cheaper as there is filming happening on stage and some aspects of the show are different from the opening night and the rest of the run.

             Here is some photos of front-of-house fun before the show

                   Jude Clemett, Me, Marie Grant Roxbourgh, Sean Purucker


The dress rehearsal is our chance, as the designers, to see how our work has been choreographed. 
We can check (to some degree) that it is being worn correctly and not upside down or back to front (which rarely happens), usually we are just delighted.

I was amazed this year to find that my heavy stoneware 
(yes it is  CERAMIC! For those muddy people at Mud Colony
3 model costume, SHE SHELLS, was doing a jive on the stage!

              For bigger pics with details check out my web page She Shells 
 I am still working on this web page update but there is a bit there for starters.
                More info and pics coming.......just so busy at the moment!

This year the show had one section that was called Visual Symphony. 
A full orchestra wondered onto the stage dressed in Felliniesque costumes and characters. One in a bathtub suspended from the ceiling playing violin and another also suspended in an arm chair playing clarinet. 
                             Then the composer/conductor, Gareth Farr,
                               arrived in a chariot driven by a motor bike. 
                                                 ( this is an official WOW face book pic)

In this section the works were required to make sounds as they moved. 
A composition was created by Gareth Farr  to incorporate the sounds of the costumes within the composition and to my delight my costume from 2004, 
Escape from Captivity, was used in this section as an exhibition piece, 
(useful as it has bells and clattery things on it).
So nice to see it dancing again!

Thursday was International Designer Day. 
Wellington City Council kindly accommodate the internationals in the lovely Rydges Hotel for 3 nights and take us on a tour of Wellington.
It is a lovely way to welcome us as the cost of entering and travelling overseas can be daunting with many sending their work but unable to afford the trip.
This day is a great incentive for designers from other countries to go to NZ and enjoy the whole experience of WOW.
This year the day started with a Maori welcome at Te Papa. Wonderful!

Then we did a back stage WOW tour with Heather Palmer and Ingrid Peek.
Here are some the foyer shots of our work. 
Our first glimpse of them on WOW models.

Svenja and Matt  

                            Sean Purucker

                               Lesley Marsh

We then took a coach to Massey University design department. 
Here are some textures that students are creating. LOVELY!

This years WOW winners were wonderful young Chinese designers.
I think the next generation of makers are so inspiring and will be very hard to compete with! 

Then off to Karori sanctuary for lunch  

 An international designers photo opportunity at the top of the hill on the way to the Weta Cave

We had a wonderful time.
Unfortunately I came down with a full-blown migraine as the day went on.....UGH :(  
I was so glad to be able go back to my room and sleep. 
Thank you Wellington City Council for your hospitality.

Friday I caught up with the lovely Ruth Carlile from Nelson for coffee at Te papa and then checked out the living cloaks exhibition with Marie and Jude ... so inspiring.
I wasn't allowed to take pics in that exhibition but here are some other exhibits in Te Papa that I could photograph.


Then back to the hotel to rest before the Awards night... I was still quite delicate after my migraine. :(
In the hotel I relaxed in the spa talking to some people from Auckland who had come to Wellington especially to see the show.
They didn’t know anyone involved but they were so excited to meet a designer. 
It made me feel very special.
Then I dressed up and met some of the other designers for pre-show drinks at the Intercontinental Hotel and then off to Awards night.

A stunning show!
Amazing wearable sculpture!
Lovely people!!!
So honoured to be part of it!

                                Here are a couple of pre-show shots as the auditorium filled.
                                            No photos allowed once the show began.

                    Caught up briefly with my lovely friend Beatrice Carlson at the after show party.
                                                   So much talent and such wonderful people!

                                           Saturday was the forum
                     and then I focused on looking at ceramics in Te Papa




Then some shopping in Cuba Street and at the underground markets 
where there is music in the streets - LOVE IT!
                       even the pot hole covers are beautiful in Wellington

          Dinner at Floriditas cooked my dear friend and very talented cook Carla
                                and shared it with WOW friend Sean.



Though I didn’t get to see enough of her but I had an elderflower and rose martini (I have never had a martini before)….aaahhhh what the heck.....
 last day in NZ and an exhibition about to start, time to toast life!

                  also had a blood orange and pomegranate pavlova
                 and Sean had an awesome chocolate ice cream !

                                                       Wellington airport ceiling

           Back to Oz on Sunday to hang our exhibition on the Monday…. 
                                A HUGE life at the moment!

    I will write about the exhibition next week but it has been fabulous so far 
                            and most of my pots have sold! YAY!
                            It only runs till next Sunday 14th Oct.
        So check out the details and try to come along if you are in Sydney. 

                                                      Cheers !


  1. Gorgeous and amazing. Thanks for the great show and tell!

  2. congratulations on being part of the amazing WOW! Will be in touch about getting to see you in Paddington

  3. Thanks to both of you! :)

    Look forward to seeing you Anna.
    At this stage my plan is to be at the gallery all day on Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Saturday and Sunday

    I am NOT there much on Friday but my siblings will be there on Friday