Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

                 I am not doing anything much along the creative lines at the moment
                                    I am just enjoying the quiet after the creative storm.
                                                           BUT I do have some news.......

         I was delighted to receive an email this week stating that WOW will be exhibiting
                             my first (and maybe my last) CERAMIC costume 'She Shells'
                                   in their Museum/Gallery in Nelson NZ for up to a year.

                                   Given the weight and the fragility of ceramics
                                         they are problematic to send overseas.
                                    Let alone the challenge for the performers
                                       (who did a wonderful job, I might add).
                    So I wasn't surprised when the wardrobe manager of WOW
                    pleaded with me to "please make your costumes in paper next time"
                                  sorry Ingrid....I am planning a lighter one next year.

                               You see the conch shell that  goes with the 'Conicles'
                                        is made of paper and light as a feather.

                 I couldn't have the model inadvertently bumping the bra and breaking it!
                                                            Well could I?
                    It would have been kinder to make the bra of paper and the shell in ceramics....
                           but I wanted to do the impossible and make wearable ceramics....
                                                      I know, I am a bad girl....

                             However they do make quite good exhibition pieces I think....
          (she says, hoping that they still look fresh after a two week run on the WOW stage!)

                                                          model - Sarah Sulan

                                                            model - Frances Donaldson

                                                        model -Amy Donaldson

                                                                   'SHE SHELLS'
                                        comic strip super heros meet 50's water ballet stars
                                                modeled by my 3 beautiful nieces

                                                                    Stay well my babies.

                                  Now I am off to see what is happening at the Mud Colony

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  1. Congratulations Sadhana, that is great news. Love the extra photos too so we can see the detail of your amazing creations :^)