Wednesday, 10 October 2012

in our blood

                            Here we are one week into our family exhibition in our blood
                                                       and as always it has been  
                                   WONDERFUL !!!! Exhausting ..... Exhilarating!
               There is nothing like exhibiting with your siblings to my mind is perfect!

                                   We have a 'meet the artists' afternoon next Saturday
           and we close on Sunday so if you can come and see the show that would be lovely. :)

                          I have sold most of my work and my siblings have also sold well.
                                  So if you would like to see our work .... do it soon!
                  This will be your last chance to catch it before it goes into private collections
                                    My next work will be very different again.... it always is.
                                                     ( exhibition possibly in 3 - 4 years!)

                            Here is a sneak peak of a couple of pieces that I have in the show.

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  1. Well done Sadhana!
    Wish i was closer, I would love to come visit for the artist talks..what an amazing family you have!
    And i love the hairy pot..more info please? What fibre did you use for it ?I'm intrigued !

  2. can't wait to see them tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Adriana,
    The basketry is kangaroo grass from out back NSW.I have used waxed linen thread as the hairy texture and also to build the grass coils. Then I have done lots of embroidery over the final form with cotton thread to build a dense grassy texture....labor of love :)
    They also have been dipped in paper pulp that I made from the kangaroo grass.I dug the clay from the Darling River in Wilcannia and pit fired them in Broken Hill.

  4. What a wonderfully talented family you have Sadhana! I had no idea! Love the pot!

  5. Congratulations on the exhibition!
    Your mixed media potts are amazing!

  6. Thanks Brenda,I am very lucky to have such an inspiring bunch as my family :)