Thursday, 9 May 2013

Oh for the love of CLAY PUSH !

                                               I have returned from a week away
                                   at a clay convention, 'Clay Push', in Gulgong NSW
                                                  There was so much going on!
                             It was great to meet some of the Mud Colony members too.

                                 Below is a series of videos showing one potters work.
                                    I found Lee, Kang Hyo's approach to his work one
                               of the most exciting ceramic experiences I have come across.

                                   As many of you know I come from a background in
                                             performing arts, textiles and pottery and
                                        it is wonderful when I find events that touch on
                                          a combination of these loves in my life.
                                    Lee, Kang Hyo is a performer, dancer and potter.

                                                  I hope you enjoy this series of videos.
                                           I found his freedom of expression very inspiring.

making the first pot

                                                  dancing the decoration onto the first pot

decorating the 2nd pot


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