Thursday, 30 May 2013

Feeding the soul

                                                 We had a big weekend last weekend!
                                        A wonderful Saturday evening of 'Music and Poetry'
                                 with my amazing brother Chris, his equally wonderful wife Anne
                                                         and all their beautiful offspring.

                                                     Chris is a piano teacher as well as a
                                                              fabulous art photographer
                                                          if you haven't seen his website
                                                  indulge your self with his poetic images.


                                               He composed a gorgeous clarinet duet
                                      to perform with his soon to be daughter in-law, Alex.
                                       It was full of whimsy, delightful melody and harmony.
                                            He then read a beautiful poem he had written!
                                         OH MY what and amazingly talented person he is!

                                                My husband sang the scarecrow song from
                                                                  'The Wizard of OZ'
                                                    and delighted my little grand nieces :)


                                          ........ and we sang a little ditty together too ;D
                                     We decided to go to singing lessons a couple of years ago
                                                      so that we could work on duets together.
                                                      Family and work take up most of our life
                                    and we felt it was time to make room for special time together,
                                          something creative that was just for we sing :) 

                              There was music and laughter everywhere on Saturday evening!
                                          How wonderful to spend an evening rejoicing
                                                        in music and words with family.

                                           I am so lucky to be part of this wonderful family! xxx

                                                    Home again late that night to find my
                                            eldest son and his little family who had come to stay
                                           and we had a lovely Sunday morning enjoying them.

                                                       Then Sunday evening off to the city.
                                                         Korean food with my step son
                                                          and the Sydney Opera House
                                                             for a Kraftwerk concert.

                                                                   Too wonderful!

                                                         What is it about city lights ?
                                               I have loved them since I was a little kid....

                                             All this wonderful stimulation of the senses
                                                 is now food for my studio work.
                                           I think it is time for me to 'sing' a pot or two
                                                  like Lee, Kang Hyo dances his pots.

                                                  It is cold here now and my throwing water
                                          definitely needs some hot kettle addition these days.

                                                        Here is my latest favorite tool ...
                                                          my wrist band from 'Clay Push'
                                          It makes a lovely rim smoother when throwing :)
                                                 I am getting ready for some raku fireings
                                                         and hopefully a pit fireing too.
                                         So bowls and sculptures are my focus at the moment.
                                           I have been recycling some of the Darling River clay that
                                                        I collected from out back NSW
                                                          I find it very nice to throw with,
                                                       although my goodness IT STINKS!!!!!
                          I am sure the clay is full of the essence of feral cat, pig and goat ArrrrGH !
                                             I hope the result is worth the full body sterilisation
                                                             that I need after working with it.
                                          Many years ago, my teacher Margaret Tuckson,
                                                used to call her recycled clay 'Old Smelly'
                                          I think I will start calling this stuff 'My Rank Ol' Darlin' '.

                                                         So here are this weeks raku bowls drying


                                        and I have also been making some thrown and altered vessels
                                                                 ....that started like this...

                                                             ..... a bit of mix and match.....


                                                       and this is what they look like now....
                                                a bit lumpy and bumpy yet, still working on them.


                                                               Now I am off for a peek at what
                                                       the Mud Colony bloggers have been up to.

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