Saturday, 27 April 2013

Preparation Inspiration Relaxation

It was great to farewell my WOW entry this week,
although watching the truckie hurl my three boxes
filled with my somewhat delicate costumes
onto the back of his open tray semi was a little spine tingling.

I have had a delicious week of setting my home and studio in order.
It all gets VERY out of control when I have deadlines with my work.

Eeeeek what a patient family I have! xxx

This coming week I will be attending  Clay Push in Gulgong for a week of inspiration.
Hanging with potters is a wonderful experience
and there will be potters from around the world for this convention .
A true gathering of the clan.
It will also be a time to meet up with some MUD COLONY members.
Yes, look who I found today!

Fresh from Melbourne, Mrs Adriana! YAY!

And  my sister, Karin, after a 12 hour bus trip from Wilcannia.

I will feed and water them and off we will go
on a road trip to the sacred pottery site where we wallow in mud :)

What fun!

We will miss those who won't be able to make it
but I am sure there will be lots of other occasions in the future

My studio is all ready for my return
so that I can delve into my clay full of inspiration.



  1. Oh Cringe making seeing your work thrown around ..
    But delightful to have both your sister And Adriana to keep you company at Clay Push!
    See you Friday :)

  2. Thank you Sadhana for being such a nurturing host and freind xxx