Sunday, 21 April 2013

Taking a trip across the sea

Well my WoW entry is now all ready for it's adventure.
Monday it will be picked up and shipped out.
I hope it is good enough to get through to the next judging.
I find when I work intensely on something it is very difficult to for me
to look at the result with fresh eyes.
As my wise old Mum would have said,
"look at what you've got and not at what you expected to have"
500+ hours later I am ready for anything ( particularly a break from the sewing machine!!!),
 I think I like it... but you never know if its what the judges will like or not.

Bon voyage my babies!

I have just finished this years Contextart Forum
I had booked into a jewellery class with the lovely Vicki Mason 
but unfortunately life didn't quite let me do much of it this time.
The great thing about Forum is that there is still so much to absorb
apart from the classes , even when things don't go quite go to plan.
I caught up, ever so briefly, with old friends like
Kath Wilkinson , Sandy Webster and Adele Outteridge
made new friends and met some great textile artists
AND found out about some really cool new materials...mmmmm!
So it was all worthwhile even though I didn't get to many of the classes :(

I bought this glorious hand spun wool from my friend Michelle Snowdon

and I plan to use it in my next project - a combined textile and ceramic work
that celebrates living in the Blue Mountains.

So now to get ready to go to Clay Push.
It will be so cool to have a week with some of the MUD COLONY mob,
thinking and talking mud ( and eating Marian's Texas BBQ brisket)
around the camp fire. Woo Hooo. Tell us what we can bring Marian :))

My sister will be coming too!
It will great to have some sis time, we have not had much time like this together.
It is all a bit special.

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  1. some impressive packaging there!! Trust they will be well received..
    How nice to go somewhere like Clay Push with your sister :^)