Monday, 10 March 2014

Setting my House/Studio in Order.

                                                   Life is always full.
                                                   In a good way….mostly.
                                                   It is Autumn here now and the
                                                   weather is starting to cool.

                                                   Last week at this time I was excitedly packing
                                                   my bags and heading for Sydney to
                                                   look after my little grand daughter, Lillie,
                                                   as her mum had gone into labour.


                                                   It is a good thing that they share their
                                                   house with another family as I
                                                   arrived 30mins too late.
                                                   Gopal and Suse had walked into the
                                                   hospital at 11pm and she was holding
                                                   her little son seven minutes later at 11.07.
                                                   WOOO HOOO!
                                                   What a woman!

one week later :)

                                                   There is something about focusing on
                                                   the basics in life that I find very nourishing.
                                                   Things are put into perspective and a natural
                                                   order seems to be set in place.

                                                    Over the last few weeks I have had no time
                                                    to write on my blog or be creative in my studio.
                                                    Now that could have caused me great misery
                                                    however there are other, more basic, needs to fill
                                                    and studio time just doesn't rate on my 'to do' list

                                                    We had funeral for a much loved uncle.


                                                    Helping with a big move from city to country
                                                    for my eldest son and his family.

         I did sneak in  a Cameron Williams 
           demonstration at the CSG and was filled with lust for his 

                                                    The birth of my first grandson.

Finn Kalani 
                                                      In and around all of that there were HSC activities
                                                      for my daughter.

                                                      My step son returning from travel in the U.S.

                                                      Visits to my middle son in hospital.

                                                      And grandma duty.

                                                       Of course, in the mix, my essay was due this week
                                                       for my distance Grad Cert Ceramics ANU course.
                                                        That is life!
                                                       Fortunately, my attitude to work and dead lines
                                                       (which seem to be the story of my life)
                                                       has always been
                                                       'do it now because you might not be able to later'
                                                       With this in mind, as soon as I returned home from my
                                                       residential, I did a block of research work and
                                                       wrote up my findings as I went .
                                                      This made the finishing it off fairly straight forward.
                                                       However, I am sure if I had a simple life, I could
                                                       do much better.
                                                       It has been submitted on time
                                                       and I am pleased with that considering the
                                                       grand picture of life here at Lilli Pilli Studio.
                                                       If I can just pass each unit I will be happy
                                                       because in the scheme of things, it is the basics in life
                                                       that really matter to me and it will always be that way.

                                                       Art is essential to my life but only after the basics.

                                                                         This weeks harvest
                                                      and here is a little wool and silk MUD CLOTH test
                                                      that I put into a bucket of mud from out back NSW
                                                      in January and just opened today when I was cleaning
                                                      the studio.

                                           and now my spring harvest of reeds and grasses
                                           is dry and ready to be made into paper so March
                                           will be all about plant fibre paper


                                                    and then my studio will be ready
                                                    for an April of throwing.


  1. what a wonderful Full life you lead Sadhana. Congratulations to all on the birth of little Finn.
    Doing your research early is so sensible... not always my way.. so I admire that attitude :)