Thursday, 20 March 2014

Living with ART

                                             I am off to this opening this weekend.

                             Margaret Tuckson was my first pottery teacher in 1975,
                             when I was 15 and she was 50.
                             I started off going to her home/studio on Saturday mornings.
                             By the end of 1976 I had decided to leave school and focus on pottery.
                             I spent several days each week at Margaret's place potting
                             through 1977 and part of 1978.
                             (When she wasn't in PNG or busy with writing and other things)
                             I did this until my first son was born.

                            Margaret is the same age as my mum (born the day after )
                            and I feel like her life and art has influenced my life in
                            a different way but alongside my mum's influence.

                            I lost my mum in 2007 and although I don't manage to see
                            Margaret as often as I would like to I feel such a deep
                            fondness for this woman who gave me such great mentoring
                            and instilled a passion not only for ceramics and art but also for life.
                            Margaret is 93 this year and her collection is wonderful.
                            I imagine there will be many, many people at this opening.
                            When I rang her last week to say that I would be there
                            and that I didn't imagine I would get to talk to her much on the day
                            as she would have a big fan club surrounding her ….
                            but that I would come and have a cuppa with her very soon. She said
                            "That would be great but of course I will have time to talk to you!"
                            She is amazing like that always so supportive and positive.

                            I am so grateful that our paths crossed at such
                            an important time in my life.
                            Love you Margaret!

                                                 photo by my brother Chris Donaldson

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  1. what a beautiful friendship. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to the show so I hope you are able to share some images of it with us.