Thursday, 5 September 2013

'Lilli Pilli Studio'


                                                 My trip to New Zealand for the 
                                                 Wearable Art Awards is getting ever so 
                                                 close now and my attention has shifted 
                                                 onto how I will present myself.
                                                 I am not one to fuss about my appearance these days.
                                                 In my youth I used to delight in being very 
                                                 fussy about how I dressed but as I have got older 
                                                 I prefer to put the effort and money into my work 
                                                 rather than my appearance.

                                                 However, I do like interesting and unusual clothes 
                                                 and jewellery and for an occasion like WOW 
                                                 I will put a bit of an effort in to express a bit 
                                                of who I am, in how I dress.

                                               In my mind I wanted to find a nice 
                                               fine woollen dress or shirt that I could dye in 
                                               eucalyptus and embroider to give a sense of the 
                                               landscape I live and work in.

                                              We have some great clothes shops in the Blue Mountains
                                              not cheap, but offering interesting designs in often 
                                              sustainable fabrics and at this time of the year it is 
                                              sometimes possible to find a bargain.
                                              However finding something that will not look ridiculous on 
                                              my more mature, rounded form is often quite difficult 
                                              at least in combination with the sale prices.

                                              But as luck would have it I found JUST what I was looking for.
                                              A beautiful cream merino wool shirt in XXL,
                                              marked down by half, and the only one in town! 
                                              It was meant to be.

                                              I said "wrap it up!" 
                                              She did.
                                              Then I did.

I cooked it and let it sit for a few days

on opening the bundle the colours where just what I was wanting


                                        However I do find it disappointing when a garment 
                                        made of wonderful fabric isn't sewn together with 
                                        the same kind of thread.
                                         If these lines of stitch had been in a natural protein
                                         based fabric they would have taken up the dye and 
                                         not be sticking out like sore thumbs.

                                                    Only one thing to do. 

                                                    Dye some of Beautiful Silks glorious 
                                                    silk thread to embroider into it.




                                                   So here is a bit of my work in progress.
                                                   My style of dress up sequin like.
                                                   More photos down the track.

                                                     And add some new heals to set it all off.

                                                   and I am nearly ready to go!

                                                      Meanwhile in the pottery studio

                                                      I am thinking of naming my studio
                                                                   ' Lilli Pilli Studio '

                                                      What do you think?
                                                      We have a lot of Lilli Pillis and
                                                      a large one overhangs the studio.

                                                 'Harry Kiln' has had a make over this week
                                                  with 6 new elements, a new thermocouple
                                                  and three new rods.
                                                 Not sure how it managed as much cooking
                                                 as it did up to this point considering how
                                                 much help it needed.

  I have been making some little lidded jars 
    as practice for my big vinegar jars that I will 
be working on next week.

                                                             I do love carving in clay!

                                                                      Busy busy busy

                                               I will add this post to the Mud Colony -
                                              a place to share clay stories from around the world.


  1. Nice jars, the proper glaze will play well on the surface.

  2. Thanks Lori and Adriana
    Always very appriciative of possitive feed back from respected artists xx

  3. I hope we get to see your new outfit when it is altogether. Gosh you have some versatile skills.

  4. you certainly keep yourself occupied!! would love to see your finished outfit. I think Lilli Pilli Studio would be very appropriate. They are a lovely tree.

    1. Thanks Anna,
      I will post lots of pics after my WOW trip.
      Glad you like the studio name.xx