Saturday, 14 September 2013

In a Potters Garden / Studio

Spring is here and with it comes a desire to be in the garden.
With a new patch of grass down I was struck 
with inspiration to plant up the studio sculpture garden.

I have planted lots of grasses and some vines 
which will be great raw materials for the basketry 
that I often add to my pottery.

I also harvested some lamandra.

                                                     This week I have been working on 
                                                          slightly larger lidded vessels.

                                                    this vase above slumped a little
                                                    but I thought I would see if I could
                                                    make a feature of it as I am feeling a
                                                    little slumped these days and I like it
                                                    when I capture a bit of how I am feeling
                                                    in my work.
                                                    Do you think it works in this piece?

                                                        This one above and below
                                                        I have made two alternative lids.
                                                        I find the hat can really change
                                                        the personality of a pot
                                                        Which one do you prefer?

                                                      Once again I am in a hurry and will
                                        be cooking these fellas while they are still a bit wet.
                                                             We will see how it goes.

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