Tuesday, 8 May 2018

May be in May.....

                                                                 Waiting........ Waiting.....
                                                                        AND THEN!

This week my beautiful new Rohde electric kiln was delivered!
It is a heavy bundle at 500kg.
The transportation has been a substantial task!
I would advise anyone considering making such a purchase
to sort out the delivery before ordering such a big, heavy, 
precious treasure just so that there are no surprises. 
While the transport was costly it was well looked after and arrived without a blemish.
Several people have also asked me, 
"how difficult will replacement elements, thermocouple etc be to obtain?"
Perhaps Paul Good from Interdec could leave a response
 to that question here for those who are interested?

This kiln has come all the way across the water
from the Rohde factory in Germany
to Interdec in South Australia
where Paul Good 
put it on a truck bound for NSW
and then Wildman Cranes delivered it 
to me at Lilli Pilli Studio, Hazelbrook.
This kiln is better travelled than me!


I had to get organised before it arrived 
as once in place this 500 kg beauty 
would not be easily moved so
I have been modifying shelves with wheels 
and making storage for kiln furniture so
that it can be easily accessed when loading the kiln. 
(I love being organised like this when I can manage it.)
These shelves can fit behind the kiln 
and can be moved out when needed.
 It is important to me that everything is flexible in my studio
so that the space can be adjusted 
to suit different making needs and numbers of inspired students.

The crane guys were amazing.
They came and checked out the drive 
and the studio with its special requirements for delivery  
prior to bringing it to Lilli Pilli Studio.


                                                       (double click video for full screen)


The kiln has a pull out draw/floor 
so that the kiln can be packed outside the chamber 
and slides in when fully packed.
This will make loading a much easier process for my old back.
I am hopeful that it will be more efficient in energy usage too.

                                                      (double click video for full screen)

Now I need to brace myself for another learning curve 
as I explore how this new heart of the studio/ friend /studio assistant works 
before I start teaching again in late July.

I have named this kiln "Betty" 
because it was given to me by my dear mother-in-law, Betty.

I would never have been able to have such an amazing kiln without her generosity
Now every time I open a new firing I can say 
"Thank you Betty"
I hope this "Betty" will be as strong, beautiful, efficient, 
generous and productive as the Betty who gave her to me.

Thank you to all who got her here safely

 All classes are now fully booked at Lilli Pilli Studio
for Term 3, July 23rd to Sept 1st
         but please email me if you would like  
to go on my waiting list
for Term 4, 2018 or 2019


  1. Hi Sadhana Congratulations on your new kiln. I'll be interested to hear about any differences you find as you start to fire it.

    1. Thanks Anna,
      yes it will be very interesting.
      Just packing it is already a huge difference.
      To be able to get around the whole shelf and make the best possible use of the space.
      It is also doing very well at warming up my heavy sculptures very slowly.

  2. Elements - thermocouples - safety switches all available x stock - and if we happen to sell a set its only 7 days for a replacment to arrive - Enjoy your results from us at Interdec and Rohde

    1. Thank you Paul,
      It is a stunning kiln and I am finding the controller brilliant too.
      Totally in love with my new baby and I am sure my students will enjoy her too.
      Many thanks