Sunday, 3 July 2016

2016 Open Studio

Yes I know it has been a year since I have posted ….so sorry…
I have been so flat out that I have been barely able to keep up with myself!
Here I am posting at that time of the year that means OPEN STUDIO is just around the corner.
Please stop by if you are in the area on this weekend and I can show you just how busy I have been.
Best wishes

See a web link below for a map of participating Blue Mountains Pottery Studios


  1. Hi Sadhana, I don't think I'll get to you this year I'll be so busy with the Port Hacking Potters National Competition and we are having a version of the Open Studio in conjunction with that.. have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Anna,Thanks for coming last year!
      Have a great Open Studio yourself.
      I wish I could be in two (or more) places at the one time xx