Monday, 9 February 2015

Of Pots and People, Rust and Rags.

Here it is only just February and it already feels
as though enough has happened to fill a year!

My mind has been pondering on how to get my gas kiln working.
A friend who came to stay at the end of last year
told me about a very clever bit of magic/science to use
for cleaning my gas burners.
Here is the tip.
Create a vat with
1 part molasses
2 parts water
leave rusty item in the vat for a few days and all the rust lifts off.
OH JOY!!!!
I didn't have to sit with sand paper or consider developing my skills as a sandblaster ????
And it would come out shiny and new????
While I went about all the other things I needed to do????!!!!


Thank you Barry Voorwinden you are awesome!
So I made the mixture and put the bits in the vat.

Here is a beautiful running picture diary
of the rust lifting onto the surface of the solution.





Not perfect but really good!
Now the fabulous Steve Harrison is working his magic on them
and hopefully I will be one step closer to getting my gas kiln working! YAY!

I returned last week from a week at ANU where I was participating
in a masterclass with Greg Daly on domestic ware.
I get frustrated by the work I create while away….

But I love catching up with like minded souls 
while we contemplate clay and making.
Along with being inspired by looking 
at the work of Gwyn Hanson Piggott, 
                                                    Leach and Lucie Rie, to name a few.

Greg Daly

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Bernard Leach

Lucie Rie

I always return itching to get making.
However life continues to provide me with many tasks to deal with
that challenge my time in the studio.
I am not complaining, as every thing I need to divide myself between is very worth while.


                                      I returned home with lots of clay and
                                     I have started this years beginners classes at Lilli Pilli Studio
                                     and I have a beautiful group of people to share my love of clay with.

                                    Last weekend I attended a memorial service with my siblings
                                    for our dear family friend, May Barrie (sculptor),
                                    who died aged 96,  just before Christmas 2014.
                                    The Barrie /Voorwinden family have always been
                                    like a branch of our family.
                                   My mum,Tattwam, met May at
                                   National Art School (East Sydney Tech) in the 40's
                                   and they remained close until mum died.
                                   May has been a huge creative influence for me and all of
                                   my siblings, as we spent many childhood times on the farm.

                                    Let me share a glimpse of the day and her environment with you.
                                   Her living space was as much a piece of her sculpture
                                   as the rest of her impressive sculptural works.

Now it is time to breath in all the creative inspiration 
and take myself back to the studio
as there is much work to get on with!
We will be having our next (7th) family exhibition 
in October this year at the BDAS Gallery, Bowral.
So stay tuned for details.

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