Friday, 11 October 2013

A return to the real world

Why is it that after a climax in a work experience 
we often have a period of feeling flat?
As my friend Tony would say there is only one place
 to go when you have been so high on Hype and that's down.
Ha ha ha thanks Tony :D

I have spent this week recuperating in the garden.
It is a good grounding, soothing and reflecting place to work.

I am a bit of a hermit by choice and my week at WOW 
is always a wonderful contrast to that.
I spend my time in NZ with wall to wall 
 friends to catch up with. 
I love it!
 I always return exhausted but happy.

On returning I tend to reflect on my work 
and the work of others.
I am always harsh on myself in this regard.
That's where the flat feeling comes in.

Better keep busy.

Before I left I had an unsuccessful firing 
which will means a re glaze of everything.

I think the frit I used has changed and the recipe 
is just not behaving itself
I am finding my glaze process so 
I am really looking forward to addressing this at uni next year.

However the little gem that did come out of this firing
is this

I know it doesn't look like much 
but this clay is a wonderful colour in my books.
I fired to 1200 and it coped fine 
I think it may even go to porcelain temps.

What is it?

I dug it in out back NSW 
on the banks of the Darling River.
Too beautiful.

Today, as I garden,
I am making paper
 from my irises that have been
drying and waiting for me.

 I harvested them last year.

This years are nearly ready to harvest 
So it must be time to turn the old ones into some lovely fibre
for drawing, collage and cards.

It is a special process for me as these 
plants are from my late mums garden/pond 
and it always feels so connected with her 
when I make paper with them.
It would be her 92nd birthday 
this month if she was still alive.

They are watered with our grey water 
so it is a great bit of Eco art for me.

Next week I will be back into my ceramics 
so in the mean time I will have a peek at the 
Mud Colony potters blogs to get some inspiration 

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  1. That dug out clay looks wonderful to me Sadhana :) Receiving one little ray of hope like that in a firing always encourages me to keep pushing on and I know you will too. It'll be interesting to see the paper once you've made it as well!!