Friday, 28 June 2013

So much to know, so little time!

                                                   I have decided that it is a
                                                  Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts/Ceramics
                                                  that must be mine!
                                                  Yes, I have set the wheels in motion
                                                  to do this at ANU.
                                                  After a delightful discussion with Greg Daly
                                                  I am full of excitement and enthusiasm
                                                  for my work in 2014.

                                                  So why am I doing this at 53 years of age?
                                                  Good question.
                                                  Answer :
                                                  One is never too old to expand and deepen
                                                  ones knowledge about ones passion.

                                                  At an early age (10-12yrs old)
                                                  I decided that I wanted to be a potter
                                                  but the rich tapestry of life has taken me
                                                  on a journey through many other creative spheres.
                                                  While I have been potting over that time
                                                  there are some technical areas that I am keen to
                                                  address that I have not been able to do on my own.
                                                  This is a studio based course and my hope is that it
                                                  will be help me to focus on specific technical areas
                                                  that I am wanting to understand and develop
                                                  with the guidance of genius teachers.

                                                 Now I just have to finish a portfolio and CV
                                                 and get it in the post ASAP
                                                 Hope they like it.

                                                 On another note my 'She Shells' will be
                                                 on exhibit at the WOW museum until
                                                 November this year.

                                         Meanwhile in the studio......

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                                           Mud Colony potters have been up to this week

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  1. I'd love to study at ANU in the future :)
    Congrats on making this decision and good luck organising the CV & portfolio!