Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tied up with Colour in Bathurst

                                   This post is particularly for the students and teachers 
                                  in my Tie Dye workshop at All Saints College Bathurst

                                              After 2 days of collecting plant materials and
                                     a full day of packing the car chock full with dye stuffs
                                                     I headed off at 5.30am last Monday
                   all ready to give a 3 day dyeing workshop at All Saints College in Bathurst.


                                        The first day was about dyeing from the environment.
                                Cotton and silk fabrics were washed and wrapped with onion skins,
                                         Coreopsis flowers and eucalyptus leaves and then
                                                   tied or clamped around sticks, pipes.





                                       The bundles were then put on to simmer in the herbal brew 


                                     After simmering we left them to sit in their warm bath overnight


                        We took them out the next morning to dry in their bundles on the window sills 


                                                      There they sat for the next two days


                                    While they were drying we got on to dyeing some silk tissue
                                  with the bright fibre reactive dyes that I get from Beautiful Silks

here is the link for the technique that you can use at home

.... I had to modify it a little 
so that we could cook the many pieces of fabric in our limited time frame
that these creative students produced

You can get the dyes and silk through this link


                                                         a lot of fun was had by all






                                                  LOOK HOW MUCH THEY MADE!!!!!

                                            On the last day we opened our first bundles
                                                      to see what had been brewing





                                                for more info on the natural dye process
                                              have a look at the books by India Flint

                                                       The results were subtle this time
                                                                   but quite lovely


                                           They also dyed some socks and shirts
                                      that I had soaked in Soda Ash the night before

                                              Unfortunately there were some very keen dyers who
                           didn't wait for me to explain the change in technique for the different fabrics
                           and put vinegar on the garments that I had carefully soaked with soda ash.

                                                          vinegar = acid....         soda = alkali

                                                             So the soda ash was washed off
                                                          and they were unable to get a stable colour

                                                         Never mind, it is all a learning experience.




                                      Jarred was particularly innovative with his ties
                                             It was so great to have him in the class.

                                             Thank you all for being an awesome class
                                      It was great to hang out with you all over those 3 days


                                            Other classes running at the same time included


                                                                cake decorating

                                                      under the tuition of Selena Seifert from
                                                                     Wild Valley Art Park

                                                           This group also helped Selena
                                        make the big mosaic at the back for the school wall

                              and here are some of the glorious skies that Bathurst treated us to
                                      as we enjoyed  and a glass of wine in the evenings
                                                with our hosts, Lesley and Neil,
                                          who very kindly accommodated Selena and myself
                                                    over the run of the workshops

                                                       HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!

                                                                 Have a great holiday ....
                               You could do some dyeing if you are looking for something to do ;)


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  1. looks like everyone had a great time! Lovely results with both types of dye.