Thursday, 19 July 2012

Well here I am trying to get my old head around this new blogging system and I'm wondering if I am going to short circuit the whole blogging world by doing everything wrongly....AGGGHHH!
New website brain stretch and now a new blogging system....OH MY!
I have been working in the studio as well but feeling very stretched at the moment...

so here are some works in progress

This post is just to say "I am back!"
And get this Internet communication thing happening again and to see if it actually works.

You could also check out what other potters are doing at the Mud Colony

New website is
but it is a work in process at the moment....

Please let me know if you can see and hear me,


  1. It definitely all works fine - well done, I know how long it takes to rearrange blogs, etc - I love your mixed media work!

  2. I can see you :)

    But can you fix your comments to allow Name/url so that I can comment with my blog url, rather than with my google account which links to my defunct blogspot blog. And you really don't need to have the capthchas in place either as they deter people from commenting as it is too many clicks and Blogspot has an inbuilt spamcatching system that works quite well.
    cheers Kim

  3. I like your new blog - much clearer and brighter, well done!

  4. Thanks for fixing the comments :) It makes it so much easier to comment. btw I like your work very much.

    (lol I saw you still left the capthca up) go on be daring and try it captcha free for a few weeks and see what happens *grins*

  5. Your new blog looks great! I love your plate and that vase is terrific! How did you do the little "spikes"?

  6. Thanks Brenda,the spikes on this one are nails. They wont be spikes after firing ,just texture :)

  7. I just want to say, "welcome back to the blog world", your blog is great.