Friday, 7 February 2020

Getting back to normality.

Here we are well into the start of 2020 and I am only just finding time to write about the many happenings that have been affecting my thoughts, family, friends and life in general.

Since my last post in November 2019, my formal graduation happened in early December. 

At the same time, fires broke out across NSW and have been burning ever since. 

No time to sit and bask in the glory of graduation!

With family staying over Christmas (during the worst of the Blue Mountains fires), we were very focused on the fire paths and keeping our loved ones safe.


In Balmoral village, my mentors and friends Sandy Lockwood and Colin Todd, 
who I have been attending workshops with since 2015,  
had to evacuate their property and only just escaped losing their house and studio.

Janine King and Steve Harrison are also inspirational potters, friends and builders of my mobile kiln. 
They lost their pottery studio and kiln building workshop.
 I am devastated for them. 
They work on self-sufficiency and living a green life and for them to lose their garden and studio is heartbreaking.

You can read more about their pottery life, garden, sustainable lifestyle and survival through the current fire season on Steve’s Blog 

Here is a Go Fund Me link to help Steve and Janine rebuild

Fellow potters and friends in Cabago and on the South Coast of NSW have also lost their studios, homes and equipment. 
you can help Daniel and Gabrielle here


was created by Vipoo Srivilasa so that the ceramic community could help fellow potters.

It has been a harsh season and our bags have remain packed ready for the fires to get closer to us. 
We have been amazingly fortunate so far. 
Now the rain is easing the tension.

I am starting to feel the joy of having my study ( and the fires) behind me and creativity in front of me.

Classes began here @lillipillistudio for 2020, on the 1st of February.
It has been a challenge to keep focused and prepare for classes in the heat of the fire season.
I have reduced my teaching load to 16 students this term.
It is more manageable than last years 24 students so I will try to keep this number in the future.
I am excited to welcome my studio assistant, Kellie Miles, who is a great help.

Classes are relaxed and full of enthusiasm, just perfect in my eyes. 

 Let's hear it for good people, creativity and rain!


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